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  1. I will leave it to the comedians on here to pick that or another LOTR nickname for him if warranted
  2. Good qualities if you were hanging out with them watching a game and having some beers, but listening to them on tv can be dreadful at times
  3. Is this Tolkien guy expected to go first overall?
  4. I think the OP is criticizing both sets of announcers
  5. The tv announcers are terrible. I often just mute and listen to the spanish broadcast on radio
  6. If we are going to be this bad might as well not waste ABs on these older guys
  7. Either way that money is needed to lock up Brinson
  8. The problem is they sounded too differently from each other.
  9. Agreed, but hardly the biggest mistake. Not trading Conley was the big one
  10. They could send down herrera who is doing even worse
  11. I refuse to sit in the blistering heat to watch the marlins suck. Having the roof closed during day games was one of the things i looked forward to when they made the ballpark.
  12. I still have faith in Lewis, Son of Brin.
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