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  1. I think we should use cooper at first, I didn’t even think we need to speculate....the issue is hoping some of the OF pan out
  2. I wouldn’t trade any of the starting pitchers, especially with the injuries to smith and Lopez bringing uncertainty
  3. We’re getting shut out for sure with that craptastic lineup
  4. Might as well have someone more suitable at CF than Riddle though, if not Brinson, at least Sierra or somebody. I can understand herreras value due to versatility.
  5. My condolences to those attending in person
  6. Not saying he is good, but still better than Riddle or Herrera. Might as well have him instead of Dean too, so we can get the definitive answer as to when to move on completely from giving him opportunities
  7. The marlins are more competitive on a day to day basis...but nowhere near being able to contend. We just went from historically bad to just a normal bad team
  8. It helped also not having to play grandy everyday now that ramirez and coop are available, and you can occasionally put dean out there. For as bad as brinson was, grandy isn't significantly better.
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