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  1. If Conine can produce down the stretch, the team still needs a player like Rob Mackowiak.
  2. Are we going to get that Admin Walker guy from the Rockies? How can you call Admin Walker "that guy"?
  3. Well, the lineup worked tonight....
  4. This doesn't mean the FO shouldn't get a bat.
  5. Keeping Dillion in AAA is a crime.
  6. Teresa Heinz Kerry told a reporter to "shove it" after she felt she was misquoted. Meanwhile, Kerry likes dropping the "F" bomb. What a great first faimily they would make.
  7. Wow, I guess that's South Africa for ya.
  8. If only we could get someone to accept Allison in a trade. :mischief2
  9. I know this hasnt been mentioned, and for good reason, but what about Rocco Baldelli? Supposedly, the Phillies are being rumored to be asking about him... 476014[/snapback] What can they possibly give the D-Rays to help them in the future when Rocco is the basically the centerpiece of their future? Silly Phils.
  10. Jeter can get to 3,000 hits in his career, which is more impressive than 500 HR's since steriods don't really help with compiling hits.
  11. I say we fill the phillies locker room with flesh-eating weasels.
  12. Something has to go down before this team slides too far.
  13. I'll be out of town during the most important series of the entire season. :thumbdown :thumbdown :thumbdown
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