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  1. Give me a single reason I should trust this front office? Jeter couldn't manage PR his first year. Mike Hill is the worst GM in the sport All the guys in the Yelich trade are over 22 and struggling. Jeter needs to write blanks checks and sign star power to compete here in Miami. If he is worried about taking a loss well then he should have opened a steakhouse in NY and stayed away.
  2. Jeter needs to spend tons of money this offseason. Resign JT and get a couple other top FA's. No need to acquire 3 more 22-24 year old' s who cannot break .235 in any of their levels. Jeter and Mike Hill will continue to get fleeced on trades because they simply not good at what they do. The only thing Jeter has going for him is his name, so use that in bring in players you know will be talented.
  3. Jeter can not handle basic PR yet we are the Astros...... He needs to get out of Florida and never come back. He can open a restaurant keep the GM that helped run the last into the ground and use crap ingredients all while asking them to come every night with the maybe they will use good ingredients 4 years from now.
  4. I am comparing two players at the same age who were traded for each other. One at 23 was hitting ,for most guys. Brison can improve, but even drastic jump makes him makes .240 hitter. He's a journeyman defensive outfielder. It's why I hate all this farm system prospect talk when we had great players. Yelich was a great player on a good deal who Jeter could not sell his vision too.
  5. Yelich at 23 hit .300 this is what he will be compared to. Anything less makes it a bad trade. Another MIke HIll special do you think he can blame this one on Loria?
  6. Who is the bigger bust Brinson or Maybin. Save the Brinson defense pure hitters don't hit .154 200 AB's in.
  7. I am not using blind faith I am using his actions so far and report that stats he will continue to put fans 2nd and his pockets first. I was excited when he was part of the group then we saw his intentions. So what 14 year old prospects do the Giants have that we can trade Brinson for in 7 years?
  8. If i can base anything of that report. Why can you base stuff off blind faith?
  9. We already got a sneak peak in the Wolverine report. The 115 number is bottom 1/3 of the league and is base on unrealistic attendance numbers. He can say that report is old, but do you honestly think that number is 150? 170? No Jeter will try and win running a bargain bin franchise and will do his best until he has to write a check or even be in the red for a year . Jeter was pissed at Barry because it exposed him and now he backtracks with ''that's old'' You are naive if you think Jeter's first priority is to build a real winning franchise. Winning for him is being in the black and doesn't matter what the fans think or feel
  10. The reports again might have changed, but it gave us an insight into what they were thinking. They were thinking that we will continue to be a bargain bin franchise and when it comes time to pay Brinson we won't. Jeter is all about winning until the moment it hurts his bottom line. 115 million dollar payroll in 2021 (even if adjusted a little) is a joke. Jeter overpaid for this team and now we are screwed it's less capital they have and it doesn't give the owners freedom to be in the red some years knowing that they will be able to sell the team for dramatically more than they bought it for. As a lifelong Marlins fan, I just want a player we can all call ours. I really thought I was going to watch Yelich get 3,000 hits one day.
  11. Give me 1 single reason I should give him the benefit of a doubt. Your eyes are glazed over because you can not accept the golden boy is here to make money and winning and fans are 2nd. Again the Wolverine report exposed him, and he is pissed because of the bad press it brought. The Golden boy could not win fans over with false promises and a smile it showed his true intentions.
  12. The Wolverine report only changed when it was exposed. Manford was on Lebatard denying he saw anything of its nature then it gets leaked and it's "O we changed it" I am sure some things changed, but do you think that bottom third of league payroll of 2021 of 115 MIllion went up? Jeter called and said nah I want my bonus tied to winning and increasing attendance? GIve me a break. They were exposed and now they are made because they lost trust and made it harder to bulls*** us. Jeter should stop doing puff pieces with guys who covered him in NY. If everything Barry and Dan are putting out is wrong than an interview with them and tell them why. I mean they are the voice of many local fans.
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