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  1. We've signed several potential difference makers in the past few years. Part of the master plan was finding some big-time IFAs. Remains to be seen what happened/happens here. Right now it is a curious firing at best.
  2. Good points here. I will agree that she is not the start of the rebuilding process. Some of you pointed that out and we have made some really good strides in that direction. I also get the frustration that it is not showing up on the big league level. But believe me it is coming. The focus should be on continuing that process and refining it. That is the role that Ng was brought in to do. Our scouting and drafting has improved leaps and bounds since the ownership change. That is a very good thing. And where we once basically given up on international players, we have laid a foundation for success where we will have a shot at finding that next franchise-changer whether it's Soto, Franco, Tatis Jr., or Cabrera (give me all of them please). One only needs to compare the drafts and international signings from the five years prior to ownership change to see a huge difference. Appreciate the thoughts, hopefully we are all in agreement that we all ultimately want to see the Marlins succeed.
  3. She's rebuilding the organization from the ground up. It is going to take some time to see the fruits of our labor. Scouting, drafting, international signings: they are all light years better than when the other owners had the team and her and the rest of the front office are a big part of that. I understand the lack of patience but we are building something lasting here and it will take a while. I would argue that we didn't get rid of enough dead weight and the ones we did were leveraged for some players with huge upsides. Not all are going to be successes. We are trying to find the next Juan Soto, Fernando Tatis Jr., Wander Franco. We had a zero shot at getting anyone like that in the past. Now that we are investing the necessary resources, there is a chance we could find that franchise changer. That is, if we haven't already found him.
  4. As an organizational whole, what do we need to change in our approach? I know the game as a whole has changed due to analytics and it is personally painful to watch the all or nothing approach. Do we discount batting average completely and accept that multitudes of strikeouts are acceptable for the occasional home run? Will this translate to the big league level? It seems some of our top hitting prospects have turned it around a bit in the second half. Specifically Burdick and Misner. Watching guys like Bleday, Victor Victor, and Nunez struggle to hit their weight is almost as painful to watch as a Juan Pierre versus Magneuris Sierra home run derby. Any and all thoughts and suggestions as well as debate are appreciated.
  5. Marlins just reached an agreement with him. Top internatinal prospect. This is huge. Trust the process. With patience we will reap the rewards. I don't think some realize what is going on here. WE ARE BUILDING A DYNASTY.
  6. Tank for Tork! Whoops, we already messed that up. LOL.
  7. Almost always you are overpaying for someone who is on the downside of their career. Resources would be much better spent trying to hit a lottery ticket through more efficient scouting of international, prospect trades, and draft markets. Nothing wrong with filling in the gaps with low cost free agents to supplement but signing a large free agent contract is almost always negative expected value. Arguments and counterarguments are welcome.
  8. https://www.fishstripes.com/2019/7/2/20680314/mlb-international-free-agency-market-marlins-signing-contracts-jose-salas-junior-sanchez Interesting older article.
  9. He will be our new #1 prospect. Might be a top ten prospect in all of baseball.
  10. LOL. Uh, poor choice of words.
  11. It is happening. Dax and Eury both got promoted to Beloit today as well. Both are still teenagers. i have wood, and it's not Alex or Kerry.
  12. OK thanks. So then the salary would be known and we are advocating a sign and trade. Truth is, not a lot else desirable on the 3B free agent front. I wouldn't be averse to signing Josh Harrison as a one or two year stopgap.
  13. What is his contract status? He is a free agent at the end of the year but the Indians, er guardians, have a two-year team option on him. Is that option going to be exercised? And if not, then it just comes down to signability. What are the circumstances we would need to trade for him? And I seriously hope we wouldn't give away too much for something we can get for free.
  14. LOL, good discussion. Let's jettison the journeymen and let the kids play please. Trust the process,
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