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  1. Decent pitcher with some positive signs, but really really bad hitter. I think we'll use him as pitching depth more than anything else.
  2. I went on a hike with a friend the other day and she was using hand sanitizer on a schedule every 20 minutes. Overkill? Maybe, but I bet the Marlins would be in better shape if the 2020 season was brought to you by Purell™ with all baseballs rubbed in hand sanitizer instead of mud.
  3. Is there some kind of stipend like what the NFL is doing? (150k to regular players who opt out, more for high risk)
  4. Hi there is nothing wrong with opting out and I am disappointed to be a Marlins fan alongside some of you who think there is.
  5. The guys being signed will be cut when the real Marlins are ready to play again. The COVID-IL allows players to be signed without needing to make room, like @Michaelsaid.
  6. lol is that the guy from Space Force on Netflix™?
  7. K-leb Smith became BB-leb Smith today
  8. Anyone a little concerned about Villar? Looked kind of out of it. The 2-strike bunt, the boner in center field? Dude looked like he definitely had something on his mind.
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