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  1. Don Mattingly perfectly used an opener and a bulk reliever in this game. Proud of him.
  2. Meh, at least saves and holds are more specific and have limits. Although I don't think a three run lead in the ninth against the Marlins Sunday lineup should count the same as a one run game against a Major League Baseball team.
  3. I don't believe in Don so we're even.
  4. Is Don the worst in game manager in Marlins history? He's definitely the worst current National League in game manager and I don't think it's close.
  5. I think Brinson has a better chance to succeed at the MLB level than Isan. Isan is a "power hitting" second baseman who can't get the ball out of the infield. At least with Brinson, you clearly see the effort he puts into every play he makes. Isan looks like he doesn't even like baseball sometimes.
  6. we don't need a fifth starter for 11 days, so no one for now
  7. Oh, I know *you* are, I was referring to other people!
  8. But so much of that is outside of the pitcher's control. A statistic that allows for a pitcher to give up 20 runs (and his team scores 21) to get a win but not a pitcher who throws nine innings of perfect baseball (but his team never scores) is not a good statistic. A "pitcher" win is much more reliant on the team's offense and defense (and oftentimes the bullpen). I like the Quality Start stat a lot more because, even though it's flawed in its own right, it's more about what the pitcher actually did. Did the starter throw 6 innings, give up just a pair of runs, and then his bullpen blew the g
  9. Yeah, kind of weird that they waited a day, but maybe they think Elieser will be back in 10 days or something so Castano won't need to come up? I guess the corresponding move will depend on Cooper and Dickerson. Might need Monte or someone else who can play OF.
  10. Yeah, I'm going to have to agree with this. I am a huge proponent of advanced metrics and use a lot of them in my analysis. I don't see the value of something like pitcher wins. At all. It's one of the worst stats in sports. But if someone else sees value in a pitcher win? That doesn't mean I am afraid of it, nor that I don't understand it. Now, if it's something like "batting average is the ONLY way to gauge a batter's effectiveness" then yeah I'm going to open my asshole and shit on you.
  11. it's always going to seem worse when it is the team you root for because you know each player, so I think you're right. Jazz on the IL? That's a big deal, regardless of what team. But some people are all like "our starting catcher is injured too!" and like, sweetie, Jorge Alfaro wouldn't have even made the roster for most big league teams. Garrett Cooper and Corey Dickerson are probably bench bats or platoon options together on a good offense. A lot of teams have actual baseball players to call up to take their second baseman's place, we had to call up Isan Diaz.
  12. Jazz was placed on the IL, Mish "guesses" that it'll be 2-3 weeks. Isan Diaz is up, I think the Marlins could have just played without a second baseman and taken an out each time through the lineup for the same result?
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