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  1. SongInTheAir


    What's something you're overly fussy and excessively orderly about? Something that just isn't ever right unless you do it yourself in *just* the exact right way?
  2. Pruitt is a 31 year old who doesn't strike anyone out and gives up a lot of runs. Probably our next closer, if you ask Don Mattingly
  3. whenever you choose to complain about the return, remember that this was Yimi Garcia that we traded. Dude's going to be a middle reliever in Houston. He's not a good pitcher, and we traded him for a dude who could be a 4th/5th outfielder on a good team. This was a good trade, not because De La Cruz is anything special, but because Yimi is even less special.
  4. oof, Bleday getting completely knocked off is rough.
  5. does anyone remember when Chad Wallach was a prospect? Looking at his 2014 minor league numbers, it looked like maybe he was going to be a pretty decent hitter, but I don't think I ever remember hearing about him.
  6. god damnit, Andrew Bennetti DFA now he's going to go win a Cy Young on some other team
  7. You're right, but it adds the extra facet of already having a runner in scoring position. In a standard extra inning game, a sac bunt followed by a sac fly can't win you the game. You need a hit, a walk, an error, a hit by pitch, *something* to get that runner on base first. So I guess to be more accurate, the Manfred Runner Rule takes something that is fair (slight home field advantage) and exacerbates it so that it's extremely uneven.
  8. Most teams don't cover housing at the lower levels, that's why so many of those guys will either live with host families or split rooms with like, 4 other teammates. 40-man roster guys obviously get more privileges, but being in those lower minors is awful.
  9. Anthony Bender gets the start! Isan Diaz on the bench, Mattingly again benching the best player on the team 😞
  10. the service time thing but also just the way minor leaguers are treated. Did you see that for one of the A's minor league teams, each player's weekly hotel fee is more than their baseball paycheck?
  11. It's gone both ways though, what LaRussa did to Yermin was atrocious and what teams do to all of their minor leaguers is way worse than posting something disrespectful on social media. Not saying you're wrong, just saying that both sides kind of suck.
  12. The minimum definitely makes sense, teams would probably use it way too loosely to get a fresh arm up without having to make a "real" roster move otherwise. For the maximum though, it's probably just a logistical thing (it is a job after all, and I can't just take an infinite number of days before I return to work if something happens) but I am sure MLB would look the other way if a team placed a guy on the 10-day IL if he was unable to return from the bereavement list after 7. IL stints are obviously handled differently in terms of paperwork and salary/service time things, so maybe the 7-day max for the bereavement list is more about that and less about, "get back on the field and play no matter what you feel"
  13. my issue with the runner on 2nd rule is that is creates an enormous advantage for the home team. Away team doesn't know if they should play for one run or if they need to play for more. Home team knows at the beginning of their at bat if they need just one run to win, or if they need to put together a bigger inning. Inexcusable that Mattingly plays extra inning road games like a home manager, but that's his own lack of logical thinking and not a function of the rule itself. It should not exist, but if it absolutely HAS to, then it should definitely not come into play until at least the 12th inning.
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