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  1. Did you get jersey assurance? I know we all have Hoyt jerseys, but not sure how many of us got the assurance...
  2. I haven't stopped crying. I'm getting dehydrated.
  3. Cheap Jeter would rather pay a reliever per inning than an ace like Ureña because Ureña is a frontline starter and will pitch more innings. He will win the Cy Young next year for another team probably the Braves I think they like him and know how good he is. [real take: Cimber is a good get, I was hoping we'd get him when I saw Cleveland was done with him]
  4. if it isn't a surprise, it is likely because of your own preconceived notions that you should maybe reflect on for a minute.
  5. Commissioner Rob Manfred released the following statement today, regarding the future of baseball: "I hate baseball," said the commissioner.
  6. Hell yeah go Marlins cheers from LA
  7. Hmm, I wonder what person, employed by the team, could maybe have prevented him from going a third time through....
  8. I like Elieser, but I think he's what we already saw: a guy who can give you 5 or 6 strong innings every 5 days, but not a guy who is going to go deep into 7th or 8th innings very often. That's definitely someone who belongs in a good team's starting rotation, though. I like Elieser as a 3/4 in a good rotation behind Sandy and PLop. Sixto will obviously be back in the rotation sooner or later, but I agree that he needs to earn it back because he looked very hittable the second (or third) time a team faced him. He needs to work on varying his pitches in the offseason and in Spring Training. We
  9. Projecting the rotation, Mattingly noted three who would be considered “locks.” He mentioned Sandy Alcantara, Pablo López and Elieser Hernandez, who missed the final month and the playoffs due to a strained right lat. Left off the “locked list” were rookies Sixto Sánchez and Trevor Rogers, both of whom made their MLB debuts this season and pitched in the postseason. That doesn’t mean either won’t be in the rotation at the start of 2021, but Mattingly reminds they may need some more Minor League polish. “We know what Sixto showed he’s capable of,” Mattingly said. “We’ve also seen some
  10. Imagine wearing a 2020 Chicago Cubs Postseason! shirt or hat
  11. The Marlins outperformed this year and left us all excited for 2021! Brandon Kintzler, Yimi Garcia, Brad Boxberger, Nick Vincent, and Matt Joyce are the relevant free agents. We may need to rebuild the whole bullpen, and we should be looking at either signing or acquiring a new catcher. Thoughts?
  12. that was the hardest Joyce has hit the ball in months!
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