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  1. Nah, the person in charge of gun safety on that set should though. Non-IATSE union crew put a live round in the gun and gave it to Baldwin. He had no idea.
  2. Bellatti should be outrighted directly to prison, by the way.
  3. Everyone always knew Donovan Solano was the second greatest baseball player of all time. Luckily, we have the all time greatest still in our organization.
  4. Don't let Mattingly see this, he loves pitch-to-contact guys in the ninth inning, Bleier might end up our closer next season.
  5. lol imagine thinking Isan Diaz is below replacement level. You can SEE his talent every time he comes to the plate, these stupid fucking analytics are just used to create whatever narrative you want. Watch the fucking game, snowflakes! Isan Diaz is one of the most talented players in the league, and none of your statistics can deny that! Also, I don't believe in the covid vaccine.
  6. funny that this came out of the Mike Shit thread. I plan a morning dump. Routine: wake up, brush teeth, take dump, shower. Other than that one though, it's an on demand thing. I would love to plan my dookies, but sweetie, IBS has other plans.
  7. I mean, my morning dump is planned, but after that, it just comes out when it needs to? On demand bootiehole
  8. if this happens, I will take a shit
  9. any human being on the team would have been a better option than Reyes in that situation. Also, letting Waino hit with a runner on base only to pull him the next half inning because of an infield single was peak Mattingly.
  10. He made horrendous bullpen decisions all season long which culminated in a Chris Taylor walkoff home run against one of the worst pitchers in baseball to have on in that spot. Wish our FO had the guts to get rid of the main reason we lose close games.
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