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  1. Me too, partly because Jazz is more fun but also because Isan is kind of bad at baseball comparatively.
  2. Silverbutthole be like "in 100 years it will be 1000 years from now"
  3. https://www.fangraphs.com/players/harold-ramirez/14387/stats?position=OF
  4. My analysis has shown that the reason for this is because he is not very good at baseball.
  5. Today, Marlins legend and surefire first ballot unanimous inductee into the Zac Gallen Major League Baseball Hall of Fame Harold Ramirez was claimed on waivers by the Cleveland Indians and awarded to the team with no compensation for the Marlins. The Marlins, again, have essentially gifted the greatest Marlin of all time to the Cleveland Indians and have not received anything in return.
  6. Not sure about stopping everything in this thread, but we could at least stall one part.
  7. Cheap Jeter cleans his dick with Lysol wipes.
  8. 1 pitcher away from having one more pitcher on the roster, yes.
  9. This is something I am a little concerned about with this year's starting rotation. We need an older guy who has been in the league a while to be in the rotation not only to eat up innings but also to bring gifts to the other pitchers: Veteran presents.
  10. Elieser would pair brilliantly with an opener, and I think Rogers would too. Sandy and Pablo don't need one, but Sixto could actually benefit from one as well. It allows your starters (usually the best pitchers on the team) to go "deeper" into the game because they get a late start. It also helps because by the time the starter has thrown 4 or so innings, you'll know if you want to keep him in (close game) or let him rest early (lopsided in either direction). There is a lot of benefit to the opener strategy besides just not trusting your rotaish.
  11. Depends on the contents, I think. Can of snakes? Curtiss. Can of fish? Bass. Can of pinto beans? Renyel. Other cans? All can Tara
  12. So Mattingly will consider a 6-man rotation but still can't figure out how to use an opener? Annoying.
  13. Okay it's page two of this thread and no one has posted a link to the report yet?
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