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  1. Is this on...like, Big ABC or local ABC? If I turn on ABC here in Los Angeles at 11 am (ugh) will I see Marlins baseball?
  2. Not me, I won't root for an injury ever.
  3. Thanks, Michael. Yeah, you all know how I feel about Ureña as a pitcher on the team I root for, but I don't want the guy to be injured, especially in that way.
  4. "Sandy is the ace" is hilarious when Jose Ureña is still on the team. There's no one better.
  5. How do you think the playoff rotation shapes up? Luckily we were able to clinch with a few days left plus the off days before the series starts, so we should be able to make the rotation look however we want. It's a best-of-three to kick things off, so who are the three you'd go with and in what order? I think I would go: Sandy Pablo Sixto I think Mattingly will go: Urena Joyce Vincent
  6. Since the next two games don't matter, you can even put Jose Ureña on the mound and I won't even be mad!
  7. Rogers at Garcia VICTORY SATURDAY Let Mattingly call a bunt EVERY TIME a runner is on base! Let Matt Joyce hit cleanup! Put Jorge Alfaro on the mound! Let Jesus Aguilar play center field! Who cares? We made the playoffs!
  8. If the Marlins win on Friday and the Phillies lose, do we clinch a spot? Magic number math is weird.
  9. Sandy Alcántara for Fish Team J.A. "J" Happ for Bronx Team Big game, Ureña pitching Sunday so we need to win this one and Saturday's to win the series. Let's make the playoffs, yeah?
  10. Urena confirmed as Sunday's starter. So we either clinch before Saturday or we miss the playoffs. How much better would this team be with a competent manager? At least like 3 or 4 wins just in this season alone, right?
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