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  1. The Marlins. The baseball team. They had a chance to go to Arby's with third baseperson Brian Anderson, but decided to just give him $3.8 million instead of sharing a roast beef sandwich and some curly fires with horsey sauce with him.
  2. Fuck Jeter for not offering Ureña that same contract and letting the Tigers get the Marlins ace for nothing.
  3. (preface: this is a fine signing, Leon is a good catcher that pitchers like to throw to, and it's a minor league deal anyway) Sandy Leon is a career .216 hitter and hasn't hit over .192 since 2017. If he enters the season as part of the major league roster and the National League still has the DH in 2021, I bet you that Don Mattingly puts Leon as the DH at least once.
  4. Annoying that Tarpley won't wear a Marlins cap on his Hall of Fame plaque now 😞
  5. Oh okay. I would have preferred Marshall's Detwiler or at least TJ Maxx Detwiler, but I guess Ross will do.
  6. I still think he'll wear a Marlins cap on his Hall of Fame plaque.
  7. He was non-tendered so he's a free agent now. We won't get anything at all.
  8. For anyone not super familiar with the Rays or the Dodgers, that essentially means that Ryne Stanek is good and the Marlins just didn't know how to use him.
  9. I recently learned that a lot of people don't wash their legs? They just let soap from other places run down and they think that makes them clean? Please wash your legs.
  10. So here's the best thing about this: he's good. Here's the second best thing about it: If he pitches well, we can say he gave the bullpen some pop. If he doesn't, we can call him Zach Poop.
  11. Can I cover the Marlins for MLB.com please?
  12. Did the Wind Surge ever play a game as a Marlins affiliate?
  13. Wow I guess he won't wear a Marlins cap when he gets into the Hall of Fame then. Fuckin' cheap ass Jeter.
  14. But the way he used Stanek was a way to make the Marlins lose? Stanek was EXCELLENT in the role he played for the Rays. He never once played that role as a Marlin.
  15. Wish Mattingly could have figured out how to use Stanek, but given his limitations as a manager, non-tendering Stanek was the right move.
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