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  1. “I remember when..” The public gets used to a lower quality product. What I initially want to say is “‘wow! that new announcer is great!” And that is also part of the problem: Severino and Hollywood sound similar- hard to distinquish and that adds to a nonplussed fan experience If the Marlins could select any national announcer current today- who should we get?
  2. Hollandsworth and his sidepiece- condesending and mind numbing. I can’t tell who is who. I would like to listen to and watch a Marlins game but Hollandsworth just talks and fills dead air- with nothing relevant- just assaulting my mind so I am unable to process for myself a play, a pitch or a hit. Verbal diarrhea! Insulting to baseball fans.
  3. We sat near Cubs bullpen. Seemed like there was more “filler music “ especially when we walked to get food walk around. . I also will never attend another Panther game. That rage music was outrageous.
  4. Hello: Attended the opener. What’s with all the blasting music? Im not talking about player walk up music. This makes it impossible to relax, chill and enjoy baseball. This is the wrong approach. This will not get more fans
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