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  1. Ocean Blue

    Ziegler loses closing job

    He'll pitch in relief and someone else will close but don didn't say who.
  2. He's starting in AAA tomorrow or the next day so it would appear that decision has not been made yet.
  3. Fair enough but you must agree the Song guy above is off his rocker with his analysis of Garcia.
  4. He was barely allowing baserunners in his starts to begin the year. He had four good starts in a row and was leading MLB in ERA after those starts. I know you may be one of those people who say ERA means nothing which is fine but he also had a good WHIP. Unless that also means nothing nowadays.
  5. Why the hell? He's had two rough starts in a row but plenty of good ones before that.
  6. Ocean Blue

    Austin Dean, great prospect?

    What the f does this have to do with Dean?
  7. He’ll be on another team before August hopefully.
  8. Ocean Blue

    5/8 Post Game

    Indeed his run support last year was 5.8 runs per game.
  9. Ocean Blue

    What takes longer..........

    He probably didn't get a good grip on it initially.
  10. Ocean Blue

    5/8 Post Game

    The team has lost every game started by Urena this season.
  11. If he comes crawling back now, Jeter should charge full regular price.
  12. Ocean Blue

    DFA Junichi Tazawa

    I didn't like this signing the day it happened.
  13. Ocean Blue

    5-6-18 Marlins @ Los Rojos

    Says more about the division than the marlins. They are 12-20.

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