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  1. I like it a lot better. Cost of living is pretty similar despite what I was told to expect, but my salary for almost literally the same job is almost double at this point. Miami is a cool place to visit but it just wasn't for me in terms of a place to live.
  2. The Miami Marlins, who used to play baseball games about 4 miles away from my apartment, travel to Los Angeles to play a series of baseball games about 3 miles away from my apartment. Today's lineup: 1. Migg L. Rojas 2. Curt S. Granderson 3. Garrett Coop R. 4. Bry N. Anderson 5. Starl N. Castro 6. Harold Ram E. Rez 7. Horh A. Alfaro 8. Cees R. Puello 9. Zac Gayl N.
  3. You need your arms for leverage so you can really ride that bench.
  4. No one: "It would be fun if this game were closer" Wei-Yin Chen:
  5. He's also the least convincing of deserving a big league spot.
  6. There are zero holes in this theory, making it no longer a theory, but a FACT.
  7. Jeter has dirty money. He washes it through guys like Curtis Granderson. Fuck Jeter, he is a criminal.
  8. Puello is actually pretty good at baseball. Riddle, on the contrary, is not.
  9. Kind of rude calling him odd. You don't know him, you don't know his personal life, you don't know the situations that brought him to where he is today. You know what? You're a judgmental asshole and I think you owe him an apology. I can't believe this.
  10. It's no secret that Derek Jeter and Curtis Granderson were both Yankees of New York at one point as teammates. Now, as Marlins of Miami, Granderson essentially works for Jeter. Granderson is batting .189 but still plays almost every day. A THEORY: Curtis Granderson is helping Derek Jeter launder money. Granderson makes $1,750,000. Jeter lets him continue his dream of playing major league baseball. Granderson then gives that money back to Jeter in some clandestine manner that allows MLB to think that Jeter is paying for a team and not tanking plus lowering his own personal tax status. This may even be the case with guys like JT Riddle ($560,000), Starlin Castro ($11,857,143), and Jose Urena ($3,200,000). In conclusion, #fuckjeter
  11. that's the riddle, Michael. That's the riddle. (The real riddle: why is Don Mattingly in the dugout? Just use a 4 year old blind child to manage the team.)
  12. Ooh, I thought it meant Misner first so the team knows how much money is left for Mokma? I'm not well versed on draft pools and all that though.
  13. So it sounds like at least if Misner doesn't sign, we'll have Mokma signed right at the deadline.
  14. Yeah, but how has his VRRPHH+ been? Or his FRDLMM-? You fucking nerds and your advanced stats. "Ooooh, Starlin Castro has had bad luck! His average swing angle per second on baseball diamond divided by material of seat and hot dog consumption per concession stand is going up so that means he will be a good player in the near future." Fucking ridiculous, Michael. Fucking ridiculous.
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