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  1. Ironically, a couple of the guys who have sucked (Granderson and Herrera) are likely going to make the team.
  2. I think the infield is set: Anderson, Rojas, Riddle, Castro, Prado, Walker. Reading the tea leaves, I think the outfield will be: Brinson, Granderson, O'Brien, Herrera. I don't much like the idea of Herrera over Austin Dean, but the powers that be seem to be seeking versatility.
  3. We are paying him big money and it would be idiotic to just throw that away. He showed last year that he has some value (at least in home starts). You continue developing the young pitchers and use Chen to eat innings and (hopefully) get you some wins. Now, if he is terrible then, yes, you consider cutting him.
  4. it's like you're creating a straw man argument in order to defend current leadership. "People said (or probably will say) with Jeter's leadership we won't have any real major league players in the lineup. Well that is not true! We have several bona fide major league players in the lineup. People are so unfair to Jeter with this criticism. Loria is to blame!"
  5. The guy obviously misspoke by using the phrase "big league contracts". I assume he is curious why Granderson is not on the 40-man roster but a "minor league" player like Rosell Herrera is.
  6. It would be better if it was full of rookies, like in 06. Then we would be able to watch the future. And, the lineup is only "decent" b/c we know the players. If we trade Realmuto and have Wallach or even Tucker Barnhart at catcher, this will be a terrible lineup. Lots of guys hitting .240 -.270 with 8 home runs and 32 rbi's.
  7. Marlins picked up Brice and announced it at the same time to create impression that they got two players in the trade. Frisaro’s headlines support that misinformation campaign.
  8. Ridiculous. We basically gave away Wittgren, who is a serviceable major league reliever. In return, we get a 27-year old who doesn't even get a spring training invite.
  9. In addition to getting Brinson and Alcantara, the Marlins sold the trades as restocking the farm system and “layering” stud players throughout. It is pathetic that none of the other heralded pieces from the trades are in the top 100. It also doesn’t help the narrative that Bronson sucked last year.
  10. Let's be honest here. If they don't do a deal before the expiration of this 7-day deadline, and Wittgren is lost, then it is incompetence.
  11. If they deemphasize the "baseball" portion, they may lose out on the main demographic of FanFests - kids who want autographs. There seems to be a tension in the marketing department between appealing to the typical baseball crowd (families with kids) and some idealized version of the Miami nightlife crowd. I get that for games, but not a FanFest.
  12. The email I got advertised the festivities as including "live music, food trucks, merchandise, giveaways, autographs, on-field access". The last two were in smaller font than the others. I find that very odd. The only reason to go to a FanFest is to get autographs, selfies, etc.. with, you know, the baseball players. Who cares about live music and food trucks?
  13. People who say it doesn't matter if they lose 90 or 110 must not watch or attend games. Wins/losses don't happen in a vacuum. There is a long season to sit through. A 90 loss team is still a competitive team, and may even be "in the race" for a good portion of the season. If a rebuilding team wins 90 games it generates interest in the community and makes people feel good about the future. A 110 loss team on the other hand is a disastrous, historically bad team. It creates negative energy around the organization and people are pessimistic about the future. So, it matters a great deal.
  14. Ok, so your argument that Yelich was always going to be a decent player here and would only be a superstar if he left applies only to him, selectively, and not to anyone else. Makes no sense to me.
  15. The notion that Yelich was only every going to be a "nice" player here but a superstar in Milwaukee makes no sense. That sounds like a disingenuous way to justify the trade. I get the ballpark issue, but how do you explain Stanton hitting 59 home runs here and only 30 in Yankee Stadium?
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