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  1. If being almost impossibly awful qualifies as “exciting” then how about Adam Conley. He has a 19 ERA in three starts at AAA.
  2. LHPMarlin

    Marlins claim British Virgin Island citizenship

    So you're saying that Jeter's plan should be to behave like Loria - basically do whatever he wants for the time being because nobody will remember 5 years from now? Just like how everybody forgot all of the bad stuff Loria did over time? I get that you guys want to support Jeter and his tearing down of the club, but stuff like this is a totally different story, imo.
  3. LHPMarlin

    Marlins claim British Virgin Island citizenship

    I'm a lawyer and I don't agree with this. This tactic is doing real harm to Jeter/the Marlins. You may say they don't care, their approval ratings are already in the dumps, etc...But they have principled defenses to their baseball moves. This looks like a Loria-esque attempt to take advantage of/screw with local government.
  4. LHPMarlin

    4/10 Post Game

    Yeah, it was ST and we can see with Brinson how big of a difference the lights being on can make. But, he did kill it at ST. There would have been no reasonable explanation for him to start the season in AAA while some scrub was manning CF for the Marlins.
  5. LHPMarlin

    Marlins claim British Virgin Island citizenship

    I don't understand legally how the Marlins could claim to be anything other than a U.S. citizen. This is not like a scenario where a company does business in other jurisdictions and claims citizenship in one of them. The Marlins' business is to play baseball in the United States. Their headquarters are unquestionably in Miami.
  6. LHPMarlin

    4/10 Post Game

    Brinson killed it in ST so they absolutely had to keep him up. They may have to send him down soon, though, to get his confidence back. As for those of you who say you "don't care about losses", I'm a season ticket holder so I do care about how the team does on the field. And last night reminded me of last year - just implosion by the bullpen.
  7. LHPMarlin

    low attendance

    Here's what makes no sense and is worth talking about imo - having this type of attendance with new ownership. It may not be shocking now, but if a year ago someone said that Loria would sell the team to a Derek Jeter-run ownership group, fans would have been thrilled. Rebuild or not, you would assume that fans would come out to the ballpark in at least as large of numbers as they did in the Loria regime. After all, many people said they were staying away because of Loria.
  8. LHPMarlin

    2018 Season Overall Impressions

    Severino is more "energetic" (in a rah-rah way) than Waltz, which I guess is what they are looking for. For example, during the interview with Hill the other day he made some embarrassing comment about the Marlins future being a "championship one", or something to that effect. He's all in on the "Just getting started" story line.