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  1. LHPMarlin

    Frisaro doesn't think Marlins will trade Realmuto

    The argument made for trading Realmuto (uncertainty) could be applied to any player. It is uncertain that Babe Ruth will continue his 1927 pace - better trade him and get multiple prospects. Or, how about, Brian Anderson's 2018 campaign thus far is far better than what his minor league performance would indicate (it is) so we'd better trade him too. At some point, you have to make a bet on certain players and JT seems to be the one non-rookie on the roster that it makes sense to make a long term bet on.
  2. LHPMarlin


    Who is "they"? Yelich, Realmuto, Ozuna, Bour - they weren't even on the team at the beginning of your four year stretch. Again, I understand the point about pitching - the pitching sucked and that justified the teardown. But, the argument that the same players had been "perennial losers" doesn't fly.
  3. LHPMarlin


    I get tired of the "perennial losing team" nonsense that is straight out of the Jeter PR playbook. You act as if the core group had been together for many years. You had players just coming into their prime (Yelich, Realmuto, Bour) and others who had only been at that level a year or two (Ozuna, even Stanton). They were blossoming into one of the best offensive units in the national league. Pitching was always the problem and deciding that a rebuild was necessary because of it can be defended as logical. But the argument that the core group had been losing for years is totally disingenuous.
  4. LHPMarlin


    Yesterday in the first inning our hitters were treating the Padres starter like a rec league pitcher and Brinson comes up to the plate and pops the ball straight up. He is lost at the plate and that's got to be affecting him mentally. Plus, you've got guys who are simply better hitters right now than him (Dietrich, Maybin) getting days off while Brinson plays every day. Without looking it up, I would wager that Brinson has had more starts this season than anyone. They are doing a disservice to him and his future to keep him up.
  5. LHPMarlin


    Wow. I've seen you state time and again that you don't care about winning/losing this year. Now you're taking the position that losing is actually good for the team. Maybe I'm old fashioned, but I'd prefer that we win. And if we can't win, I'd prefer that we lose in a fashion that is not an absolute disaster and embarrassment.
  6. LHPMarlin


    It's too early to call him a bust. On the other hand, a major league player simply can't go through a season playing every day and batting .170. I don't care if the team is rebuilding or not. He either has to start hitting or be sent down.
  7. I guess I'm a diehard b/c I have a season ticket package. And the product on the field this year, in addition to being bad, is boring. Yesterday was bad - poor crowed, no excitement - really no reason to be at the game. There is simply no comparison b/w this year's team and last year's in terms of product on the field.
  8. MLB is the only sport where wonks like many of the posters here openly cheer the non-competiveness of a franchise. I guess anybody who wants to see entertaining baseball is "stupid". I grew up a Reds fan and am now a Marlins season ticket holder. The Reds have failed in their efforts to dismantle the franchise to create a "sustainable" (or whatever the buzzword du jour is) product. So, I'm skeptical of the rah-rah, let's trade off everyone of value so we suck for 5 years, attitude.
  9. LHPMarlin

    DFA Junichi Tazawa

    Loria agreed to pay money for the team to try to be competitive last year. They go out and get Tazawa and Ziegler. I refuse to blame that on Loria.
  10. The starting pitching has been better than expected but the run production has certainly not. And, I get the mention of the same record last year, but last year the team had a horrendous April that put them in a hole the rest of the year. I seriously doubt this team will be able to go on a run like last year's did through the summer.
  11. LHPMarlin

    04-22-2018 Marlins at Brewers

    The Marlins are 10th in the NL in fielding percentage. That might not be an advanced metric but it is telling. I can’t understand how anyone could watch this team and think it’s the “best defensive team in baseball.” Good God that is ridiculous.
  12. LHPMarlin

    04-22-2018 Marlins at Brewers

    So, you think they traded Yelich because he asked to be traded? If so, why didn't they trade Realmuto. They obviously traded Yelich for financial reasons.
  13. If being almost impossibly awful qualifies as “exciting” then how about Adam Conley. He has a 19 ERA in three starts at AAA.
  14. LHPMarlin

    Marlins claim British Virgin Island citizenship

    So you're saying that Jeter's plan should be to behave like Loria - basically do whatever he wants for the time being because nobody will remember 5 years from now? Just like how everybody forgot all of the bad stuff Loria did over time? I get that you guys want to support Jeter and his tearing down of the club, but stuff like this is a totally different story, imo.
  15. LHPMarlin

    Marlins claim British Virgin Island citizenship

    I'm a lawyer and I don't agree with this. This tactic is doing real harm to Jeter/the Marlins. You may say they don't care, their approval ratings are already in the dumps, etc...But they have principled defenses to their baseball moves. This looks like a Loria-esque attempt to take advantage of/screw with local government.

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