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  1. People who say it doesn't matter if they lose 90 or 110 must not watch or attend games. Wins/losses don't happen in a vacuum. There is a long season to sit through. A 90 loss team is still a competitive team, and may even be "in the race" for a good portion of the season. If a rebuilding team wins 90 games it generates interest in the community and makes people feel good about the future. A 110 loss team on the other hand is a disastrous, historically bad team. It creates negative energy around the organization and people are pessimistic about the future. So, it matters a great deal.
  2. LHPMarlin

    Craig Mish defends the Yelich trade

    Ok, so your argument that Yelich was always going to be a decent player here and would only be a superstar if he left applies only to him, selectively, and not to anyone else. Makes no sense to me.
  3. LHPMarlin

    Craig Mish defends the Yelich trade

    The notion that Yelich was only every going to be a "nice" player here but a superstar in Milwaukee makes no sense. That sounds like a disingenuous way to justify the trade. I get the ballpark issue, but how do you explain Stanton hitting 59 home runs here and only 30 in Yankee Stadium?
  4. LHPMarlin

    Craig Mish defends the Yelich trade

    So we have fans defending the trade because he was allegedly “unhappy” here? What’s next, we agree to a bad deal for Realmuto because he tells Jeter he’d rather play for another team?
  5. LHPMarlin

    Craig Mish defends the Yelich trade

    You judge a trade by looking at the results of the players who were traded. The notoriously bad trades in baseball are guys who turned out to be hall of famers being traded for nobodies. The "we thought he might be a clubhouse cancer" excuse is not a good excuse if the performance on the field shows you got taken to the cleaners. Really, I think Jeter was smitten with the "tear it down" approach that Dave Hyde and most on this board espouse - which is trade everybody worth trading for whatever you can get, be prepared to absolutely suck for several years, and hope it all works out in the end.
  6. LHPMarlin

    Craig Mish defends the Yelich trade

    I reject the notion that the Marlins were going to lose 90 games with or without the group from last year. How can that be said definitively? Look at Yelich - he is just coming into his own this year. I keep hearing people say again and again that the Marlins "lost with these same players". But players get better - look at Yelich. Here's what happened, and it's pretty clear to me. The new ownership group looked at Yelich's season last year, which was disappointing. And they gambled that it reflected the player he was. They lost on that bet b/c he is clearly much better than that. And, if the Brewers were looking to trade him this offseason, he would command a much higher price than the Marlins got for him. I don't see how this trade can be defended, knowing what we know now.
  7. It is interesting to me that other Marlins players were at American Social. I don't remember hearing that. It is perhaps telling that none of them would go with Jose on the boat and Jose found these other two guys (one I recall he barely knew and the other he didn't know at all) to go with him.
  8. LHPMarlin

    2018 attendance on par with 2017?

    The reported attendance last year was 1,651,997. The reported attendance this year is about half that. So we are supposed to believe that last year’s “real” attendance was half of what was reported? I don’t buy that at all.
  9. LHPMarlin

    Will we avoid 100 losses?

    Could be. I assume that most on here will say that they don't care if the Marlins play that game or not.
  10. LHPMarlin

    Is Joe right or wrong?

    I agree with all of that. But at the time (if my memory is correct) it sounded like both Yelich and Realmuto expressed displeasure at the other trades and wanted out. They traded Yelich and not JT, probably because they got what they believed to be a good return for Yelich but not JT. Then before this season in the media they portrayed Yelich to be a malcontent and JT to be a team player. Seemed disingenuous to me.
  11. LHPMarlin

    Is Joe right or wrong?

    Maybe so but should have kept Yelich. No reason to trade him (unlike Stanton and Ozo).
  12. LHPMarlin

    Will we avoid 100 losses?

    If nothing matters then nobody is at fault and there is nothing to criticize. Just move along and don’t ask questions. I seem to remember that some of you guys were bragging early in the year that the team was on the same win/loss pace as last year so wins/losses mattered at some point.
  13. LHPMarlin

    Will we avoid 100 losses?

    What does it mean to “matter”? I guess if you really don’t care whether they win or lose then it doesn’t matter to you. But I would prefer that they lose as few games as possible. And I certainly don’t want them to reach the 100 loss benchmark.
  14. LHPMarlin

    Will we avoid 100 losses?

    Wtf is up with you guys constantly telling each other that nothing matters. Why are you even posting? Of course it matters.
  15. LHPMarlin

    Comunidad 305

    Doing "something new" is not an effective marketing strategy. They are obviously doubling down on the "Latin" appeal, which has not been tried before. But that could also turn off other fans who would rather hear traditional baseball noises (organ music, etc..) instead of really loud Latin music. But the Comunidad 305 idea just sounds like a ridiculous gimmick, thought up by people who don't understand local culture.

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