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  1. His base running mistake in the 9th was awful and arguably cost us the tying run. To call it a mistake is charitable because the root of it was his lack of hustle running to first. You can’t be lazy in that situation.
  2. We had Cesar Puello (batting .180) playing CF the last few weeks. He got hurt yesterday and was replaced by Jon Berti (who struck out his first three times up) who misplayed a ball hit deep. Brinson surely is capable of hitting better than .180 and playing a better CF than any of these guys (plus Riddle) who we've played in CF the last several months.
  3. He had 296 bats at New Orleans and had 100 strikeouts. That's a shocking amount. In 2017 he had 299 at bats for Milwaukee's AAA affiliated and had only 62 strikeouts. He's regressed. It's hard to be optimistic, but I'm hopeful. I bet we move him in the offseason if he doesn't click in the next two months.
  4. What I don't understand is the Marlin's focus on acquiring "toolsy" players who strike out a lot. Brinson, Harrison, Alfaro, Chisholm. These guys can all run and hit for power. But when you play in a big ballpark it seems like we would focus on contact hitters. What am I missing?
  5. The last couple of years I had my seats in the "promenade" level (that's what you guys are calling the "lower bowl") and it was frustrating having people move in and sit around you (or even in front of you) who probably paid $5 to get in. So, this year I moved my seats down to the "field" level. The seats are much better and, in general, they seem to not let anybody down there who doesn't have seats there. Having said that, people seem to sit anywhere they want in the field level too and the ushers don't seem to care. It seems like the only seats the ushers truly protect anywhere in the ballpark are the "special" areas - the ones where you can order food/drinks from the seats.
  6. I went to both the Friday and Saturday games (I have a 20 game season ticket package). Attendance on Friday was bad, the game was never competitive, and there was absolutely no energy in the park. On Saturday, the attendance was a bit better, the game was very competitive and fun to watch, and there was a lot more cheering and enthusiasm from the crowd. Much better atmosphere. So, for all we want to talk about "experience", it really does depend most on the quality of the game. I haven't experienced the A/C problems, unless you are talking about the wind tunnel effect in the top few rows of the promenade sections. Beyond that, I haven't experienced any temperature issues. Finally, concessions are overpriced but not terrible. As someone said, there are two "value priced" concession stands. And, anecdotally, the refillable, souvenir sized soda is $8 but is $12 or $13 at Dolphins games. I don't really see what Jeter and Company can do to improve the experience other than put a better team on the field.
  7. One thing that seems to be lost with the "it doesn't matter if we win or lose" crowd is that just being competitive makes the team way more interesting to follow. I have tickets tonight and tomorrow and am much more excited about going than I was a few weeks ago. Most of you seem to think "playoffs or bust" and deride the Stanton era teams as being "below .500". But those last few teams were in the WC hunt deep into the season and therefore were fun to watch.
  8. I see Joe F and others making reference to "hit tool players". What does this mean? Players who can hit?
  9. I went to Vandy so that’s one reason I want it to be Bleday. Another is we need help sooner rather than later. Having said that, this regime has talked constantly about defense and athleticism. They seem to devalue power hitters because of the size of the park. And they’ve seemingly concentrated on “five tool” guys in so many of their recent acquisitions. So, if there is a raw, athletic, five tool high school player available who struggles to hit breaking balls, that’s probably who they’ll take.
  10. The guys we got are doing nothing and the guy we traded won MVP. How else do you judge a trade? Unless you want to take the position that you have to wait many years to judge. How about Ernie Broglio to the Cubs for Lou Brock? Was that a "fine" deal too?
  11. Samson says that Jeter and Denbo are at fault for the horrible Yelich trade. Pro-Jeter fans push back and point out the bad trades that the Loria/Samson regime made. Absent in all of this back and forth is any mention of Mike Hill, who was the GM during both regimes. Mike "Teflon" Hill.
  12. I really doubt they call up Harrison any time soon. Even though he is hitting better than before, he still strikes out way too much. The most troublesome thing about our many struggling hitters in the minor leagues is that it is the minor leagues they are struggling in. It is one thing to struggle at the big league level like Brinson is. Throughout the history of baseball there have not been very many successful major league hitters who could not hit in the minors. Guys who are successful at the major league level were pretty much stars at every stage below that. So, expecting one of these guys who are hitting .180 over an extended period of time at A or AA to be a major league player is asking a little much.
  13. We should be active in the international market but, imo, it is no easy fix and we still have to focus our scouting attention on the draft. I say this for two reasons. First, the Trump administration's revocation of the deal with the Cuban baseball federation would seemingly hurt the Marlin's plans of going after top Cuban talent. Second, also, sure about you all, but I'm a little discouraged with VV Mesa starting out in Jupiter. Maybe that is just a conservative approach to his development, but I would have thought with his credentials that he would be further along.
  14. Rebuilding is one thing. Scoring 1 run over a 3 game series is another altogether. For those of us who pay for a season ticket package (I have tickets for tomorrow night), this looks like a it's going to be a long and miserable season. Maybe a historically bad one. I hope that the players do feel some "pressure"; they have to do something to try to generate more offense. Sending O'Brien down and replacing him with dean or Ramirez might be a start.
  15. I'm not sure how firing Mattingly would generate any worse PR than trading away all of the guys they have traded the last two seasons. Jeter/Hill would sell it by using buzzwords like "sustainability" and "culture" and "vision" and "fit".
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