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  1. Really there is no point in getting rid of don yet. Just ride out the contract and look our options when the contract is done. We would just be spending extra money to lose next year.
  2. Bazen

    Trevor Rogers and Braxton Garrett

  3. Bazen

    Elegy for '18 - Miami Marlins

    Will someone post that fangraphs article?
  4. Bazen

    Victor Victor cleared

    Really hope we can get vv
  5. Bazen

    9-7 Fish at Pirates

    Damn right!
  6. Bazen

    Brinson starting rehab assignment in AA

    He’s hitting .056. That’s a little concerning.
  7. Bazen

    Frisaro implies a lack of clubhouse cohesion

    He just cleared trade waviers so this is very possible.
  8. Bazen


    This new salsa better be competing next year or he’s a bust salsa
  9. Bazen


    Are you saying we should ban homemade salsa?
  10. Bazen

    Urena hits Acuna Jr with first pitch

    It was a piece of shit move but it did stop him from homering. Now it was in the worst way possible but it worked.
  11. Bazen

    8/15 Marlins @ Braves

    I miss one game and all hell breaks loose. Not sure to be mad I missed it or be glad I did.
  12. Bazen


    Hopefully we take a guy with their arms fully intact
  13. Bazen


    Do you expect every single prospect to have either a sub 3 era or bat .310? Now I do agree the relievers and Dietrich should be gone by now but maybe they think they can get a better value later on (expect for claw. He's done). And with us being so bad now we will have a top 5 pick next year which should obviously bring in an elite talent.
  14. Bazen


    I am getting it. The players are young like you said so why judge them now? I'm excited for a good amount of players including Alcantara, Neidert, Scott, Johnson, Banfield, Pompey, Diaz, Rogers, Garrett being the main ones.
  15. Bazen


    So you'd rather have 75 wins for the rest of time instead of doing bad a few years and possibly contending. Seems a little early to say Loria is better than Jeter and quite frankly that's a sentence I thought I'd never type.

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