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  1. This thread is reallying getting the great opinions out of you guys that I wanted lmao
  2. Also said our asking price high end young pitching prospect and a position player
  3. Will_To_Live_

    MLB the Show 18

    I’d be playing it so much, Madden is hot garbage and 2k is meh. I need a good sports game and an mlb one would be nice... but... an NCAA one would be perfect lol best sports gaming franchise of all of them
  4. Will_To_Live_

    MLB the Show 18

    wish this was on Xbox
  5. Will_To_Live_

    Realmuto's agent says JT will not sign extension

    J.T. wanted out last year as well, even if he’s presented a market value contract he’s gone guys. Everybody pulling at straws saying “let’s hear what J.T. says” and acts like the agent isn’t EMPLOYEDby him need to realize he says what benefits J.T. in all cases. He doesn’t wanna be here and we wanted him to stay as an organization supposedly. This is different than other instances for obvious reasons and we should just focus more on trade talk than extension talk.
  6. Ideally though, you’d want a mix of Mike Soroka or Kyle Wright/Austin Riley/another player in their top seven. It’s not hard to envision a bidding war in which we already heard rumors of Mike/Austin offered, where they throw in another one of their top seven. At first I felt this trade sounded too optimistic on our end but if Soroka and Riley already get the deal then a bidding war with say the Nationals and other top clubs could easily motivate them to trade one more imo
  7. Yes that’s good, but we’d need more more. That’s their top guy and number 5... which would be our top prospect lmao
  8. I understand your point but another thing to take into consideration that might not have been mentioned is his value to the W/L also. It’s minor but with him we’ll be better no doubt offensively than without him and potentially finish closer to the mid and top of the top 10 picks the next two years. If we were to trade him soon, we’d acquire not only two top100 prospects. Also most we’d likely finish with probably one of the top 3 worst records without him. I’d love to resign him but don’t see value in him going forward due to once we might begin competing he’ll likely be costing us a lot and be on the decline. I hate the stigma with the Marlins and the constant trade our best guys for pennies on the dollar but this is an instance in which it makes sense.
  9. Will_To_Live_

    New Marlins Podcast 🔥

    Got an idea, how bout maybe hosting one person from the board per episode or every other one as a “co-host”. If you’d want of course
  10. If we had a top15 farm system I’d agree sure why not, but we aren’t close to contending in the next 3 years and don’t have the prospects needed to get to the next level. Paying him would only consume money and add a couple more wins. It makes more sense to sell high and save the money for when you are about to contend.
  11. Will_To_Live_

    *Far Out* Draft Talk

    Hopping we land whoever the top SS prospect if it makes sense draft position wise
  12. Will_To_Live_

    The Keep JT Realmuto Thread

    Posted this in the trade package Jt thread, wanted to make sure everybody saw it though. A trade like this would be great imo if you land one more top 15 player in their farm
  13. I’d love a trade like this even though it’s in division
  14. Will_To_Live_

    The Keep JT Realmuto Thread

    If you trade him to anybody in the NL East you better fleece them lol
  15. Will_To_Live_

    New Marlins Podcast 🔥


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