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  1. Made this one from some editing last night of one of the images they released of the black jersey
  2. OR maybe minutes.. who knows lol
  3. Everyone just breathe.. hours away from lift off
  4. Can you post the link to this?
  5. That's the inside angle of the 7
  6. I'm pretty sure that he's right it's a number seven. Black seven with red and blue outline on a white jersey
  7. I know they can edit it to look like this, but just pointing some things out in comparing the two: 1. The blue is a diff blue 2. You can see texture in the color (esp in the red outline around Miami) 3. Look at the blue outline around the marlin.. not a defined line.. looks like they painted as a faded outline 4. The red thread lines on the basball.. look as the lines go down.. those are definitely not defined as they get smaller.. very different from the digital image 5. The red is definitely a different red 6. Look at the inner tip of the fin (on the marlin body).. The very tip is silver. There is no extra shading there on the digital image.
  8. I think this is real.. look at the two pics side by side.. this one and the digitized version of this logo
  9. Does anyone have ANY idea of how much longer it will be?? I live in Pensacola, and I'm refreshing the sites every freakin hour lol
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