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  1. I think that looks great. My only disagreement would be to use the black crown/blue bill cap with the blue jersey. Of course, I may change my mind if I actually saw it together. The all black cap with black jersey looks good.
  2. Personally, I like Ozuna, even if he makes me scratch my head from time to time. You can add last night, getting thrown out at first from right field. But even though I like the guy, this is funny: https://www.birdsontheblack.com/blog/the-cardinal-sin-cardinals-to-retire-marcel-ozuna-s-number
  3. No way. Our bird would use that bat to club the fish!!! ? All kidding aside...they do look good!
  4. I'm definitely a 3930 guy. They're my favorite out of all the different options. My head is too small to look good in a 5950, even a low crown, but the 3930's look really good....and are super comfortable too! That filled in M looks a lot better to me as well. That should happen to the on-field caps. The non-filled makes it look like on of those cheaper caps to me.
  5. That looks great! I'd love to see that in a 59Fifty. That should definitely be an on-field option.
  6. Just received a follow up email from Lids on my original complaint (before I contacted them by phone). It stated that the jersey was marked as a "missing item", probably due to incorrect on hand counts. They said my account wasn't charged and it would not be shipped at a later date. If I want to reorder, please do so when the item is back in stock. Of course, they still won't acknowledge that the item has ALWAYS shown as in stock. I reordered the day I found out they canceled it and it was fulfilled with no issues. I had no idea how crappy this company had become.
  7. My original order shows as delivered (contained the cap and jersey) but only the cap was actually delivered. To this day it doesn't show that the jersey was ever canceled.
  8. Final update of my Lids debacle. The jersey arrived today and even though the slip that was included didn't show the discount, when I checked my bank account, they had only charged me the discounted price. Hopefully that means there will be some good news for anyone else who's had these stupid issues.
  9. Update on my Lids jersey fiasco. As I said, I reordered yesterday using their 30% off code wondering if it would get cancelled (without notifying me) like the first order. I just got an email that it has shipped. While I am glad it wasn’t cancelled this time and I still got it (slightly less) discounted, it makes me even more annoyed that they cancelled the first order.
  10. Thanks. I can root for other teams (when they're not playing the Cards..lol). To quote my dad, "I have 2 favorite teams, the Cardinals and whoever is playing the Cubs." But honestly, even the Cubs rivalry has always been in good fun. I hate that there are other Cardinals fans out there that come across as a-holes. Most of us aren't. I really only see them online, although I'm sure there are more out there. Personally, I enjoy collecting cups from other teams when I visit a ballpark. I have cups from Kansas City, San Francisco, Chicago White Sox and of course, Miami. Still have my St. Louis/Miami cups from Spring Training as well. I just love baseball and talking with other fans, regardless of who they root for. There's enough stress in everyday life. Baseball is my happy place. I like to keep it that way.
  11. Not that anyone asked, but in case anyone has wondered why a Cardinals fan is on a Marlins board, I've always had a soft spot for the Marlins. They were one of the first teams added to the league in my lifetime. I always loved teal. I've attended many ST games in Jupiter and had many conversations with Marlins fans, who have always been terrific. My in-laws live in Ft. Lauderdale 8 months out of the year, and when ST ended before I could get there, I've been able to go to Miami for a game. Add all that to the fact I'm a nerd for uniform updates/rebrands, I found this site when looking for info on the Marlins rebrand. Then I noticed some of the same people from the Creamer boards were here as well, I've stuck around. Thanks for putting up with this Cardinals fan!
  12. Just ordered again. We'll see how this one goes.
  13. Now I am debating whether I should attempt to reorder with today's code. What's the worst that could happen, it gets cancelled again?
  14. If I put it in my cart and add today's code it looks like this (I know you guys hate this jersey, but I like it. ?)
  15. There was a small discount on the hat. I got it for $20.72 (reg. price $29.99). My first attempt to add the discount code said it wasn't available for the selected product. Tried again and it was applied and took it from $100 to $70.
  16. Sorry, I may have been unclear. My order was for a cap and a jersey. The cap arrived, it was the jersey that was cancelled.
  17. I believe it is a way to avoid the discount as well. Funny thing is, they have a promo code today only that gives a 30% discount. I suppose I could give it a try since they never charged me for the first attempt. It's also a pretty safe bet that most will not try again knowing that they've provided the worst customer service imaginable. Not even an email. Jerks.
  18. So, after calling and speaking directly to an agent, she confirmed they are out of stock, and the order was cancelled (even though it doesn't say anything about that on the site when I check my order status). She said I could try reordering when it's in stock. I asked how I'd know since it currently shows as available and will let me order right now. She had no answer. When asked about them honoring the sale price (as it was the only motivation for me to order through Lids) she said to order, call them, and if they could verify that it had been that price at some point, they'd honor it. Not holding my breath on that one. What a crap show.
  19. At least they acknowledged it was cancelled. I've been waiting for a jersey I ordered on sale to ship and finally contacted an agent at Lids who said "looks like it's out of stock. You'll be getting some money back." When I asked why I hadn't been notified since it's a gift and I've been waiting, I was told "we're not sending out notifications at the moment." Geez, thanks. Good to know. Idiots.
  20. yep...made the same mistake with Pujols. Only blank jerseys ever since until I just got a Molina since it looks like he's a Cardinal for the rest of his career.
  21. Where's @SilverBullet??? He started a new thread for the uni reveal and now that their revealed, that thread is locked and all the traffic is here!
  22. I'm holding out hope that the players jerseys will have a front number. I have a Molina jersey that has the name and number on back, but no front number. I may be wrong, but I don't believe any jersey on the Cardinals site has a number on front. EDIT: I'm wrong...there are 2 that are available that have a front number.
  23. Looks like: Jerseys - Home white, blue alt, black alt, road gray; only the all black cap...no colored bills or alt blue cap. Drat!
  24. Merch is up online: https://www.mlbshop.com/miami-marlins/t-25000926+z-73041-754230621?_s=bm-mlbcom-mia
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