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  1. Ah, a franchise the understands that locking in your best players is good business as opposed to dumb franchises **coughmarlinscough** that trade them in bad deals.
  2. What a foolish idea. To get the franchise on the right track the Marlins simply need to cut bait on inept people in their front office and staple Jeter's mouth shut.
  3. Corporate naming rights is all about getting eyeballs on your company brand. The Marlins at this point don't get many so it wouldn't be a good return.
  4. I get the financials on Stanton; doesn't mean I have to like the deal. Still don't. On Yelich, it's generally understood they didn't get any of the Brewers top blue chips. Hey, if you liked the deal so be it. Me, I'll take quality over quantity everytime.
  5. JT is their last high value trade chip and they MUST hit it out of the park since they pretty much struck out on the trades that sent TWO MVP's packing. Just sayin'.
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