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  1. That was painful, Granderson. Waaaaay outside.
  2. Chip Carey just called Pablo Lopez an "impressive prospect." Pretty sure he lost his rookie status last season. The only "prospect" in the rotation is Alcantara.
  3. Not so much when you live in Atlanta's MLB.TV blackout area. I'm forced to watch the only broadcast available.
  4. Alfaro just took two pitches in that very predictable strikeout. Buy a lottery ticket.
  5. So Trevor Richards could get a win with the way he's pitching, but what are the odds that Marquez goes the distance, allows just one hit all game long, and loses?
  6. The pitching seems as good as advertised, but hitting so far, geez.
  7. You're kidding? Why didn't they say something?
  8. I know. Thanks Draft Kings, I'll find you if I need you.
  9. Yeah, and unfortunately, good pitching can't score us runs.
  10. Hello. Is there anybody in there? Just nod if you can hear me.
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