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  1. If you had to choose, would you pick Sabean or Dombrowski?
  2. Marlins have clinched the #7 pick in next year's draft. 1 more loss or White Sox win will make it #6
  3. Before the rise the scored 4.438 runs per game and allowed the same. After they scored 4.406 runs per game and allowed 3.014. When you look for reasons for a turn around you look for the factors that changed. The offense was basically identical in terms of run production. It is the pitching that improved. Unless you are saying that his lineup presence helped the pitching staff you argument doesn't really hold up. Maybe he has had a lineup presence all year but as was seen in the 44-45 start it doesn't do a damn thing if the pitching sucks.
  4. On July 12th the Cardinals were 44-45. They were still in the division hunt being 3.0 GB because neither Chicago or Milwaukee were playing particularly well. The reason they are in their current spot is because they have gone 39-20 since. Due to injury Ozuna was not a part of that until August 3rd. Since August 3rd, Ozuna has a wRC+ of 103. This means he has only been 3% better than league average. In fact he has been absolutely terrible in September (about as bad as Brinson- arguably worse) when they need him the most. BTW, since July 12th, the Cardinals have been 25-14 with Ozuna (.641 win%) and 14-6 (.700 win%) without so they have actually been better without him.
  5. Still, Ozuna is not the reason the Cardinals are in this position. He moved the needle a bit, but clearly not as much as Cardinal fans would have hoped. It is because of the aforementioned pitching depth.
  6. I agree with this point. For this reason I feel like trades should be evaluated separately for each team. It is definitely a win for the Brewers since they likely would have missed the playoffs last year or just been a one and out wild card team without him. However, just because it is a win for them does not make it a loss for the Marlins. As for the other 3 trades, the Mariners and Cardinals failed to make the playoffs last year and Yankees likely make the playoffs last year and especially this year without Stanton. However none of those players would have made any difference on the Marlins so the trades should be evaluated on what the new guys do with the Marlins rather than what the old ones COULD have done with the Marlins.
  7. Anyway Jazz did pretty well with Jacksonville, just like he did pretty well in with the D-Back's affiliate in the 2nd half. You don't have to look too far to find another player who had a crappy 1st half before turning it on in the 2nd half of a season. That is exactly what Gallen did last year.
  8. I also love how the Marlins get trashed for making trades and then the same article trashes the Marlins for trading a player acquired in one of those trades. I mean if Gallen is so valuable then maybe the Marlins know what they are doing with player acquisition and so it is far too early to write off the guy who has yet to make it to AAA just because Gallen is doing well.
  9. I don't know if the video under the article is the same for everyone, so I found it on youtube. How ironic is it that below an article trashing the Marlins for being bad there is a video urging people to jump on the Nationals bandwagon (a team that lost over 100 games in 2008 and 2009 before starting their run of dominance). They also mentioned that they talked about the Astros (a team that lost 100 games 3 straight years, this decade no less).
  10. Yelich has put up an average of 7.35 (rWAR) to 7.65 (fWAR) per year in Milwaukee. Suppose we assume that he gets even better and puts up 8 WAR per year over the 5 years of control the Brewers have then he would put up a WAR of 40. Between Diaz, Yams, and Monte, the Marlins would have 17 years of team control I think. That comes out to an average of 2.35. According to fangraphs.com, that would be a solid albeit less than all star level player. Those are hardly insane numbers for them to have to put up.
  11. Maybe he really wants the #2 pick?
  12. I think Miggy Ro is my favorite player in baseball right now. He's so underrated.
  13. If Robert Dugger can play well down the stretch then it might be possible that the players the Marlins acquired will finish with a higher WAR total than guys traded this year on 3 of the 5 big trades (Ozuna, Gordon, and Stanton deals). That is really crazy especially when you consider the fact that there is at least 1 player from each of those trades who has not even debuted and Dugger will still qualify as a rookie going into next year. Pretty amazing since the Marlins lost every trade since Jeter took over...
  14. 2 batters away... only if the farm also pans out. When they were "2 pitchers away," they had no farm so it was more like 6 pitchers away.
  15. Well, the Marlins have lost 6 extra inning games and 20 1-run games in regulation. They also have 8 9-inning loses by 2 runs. So assuming they scored exactly 2 more runs each game, they would have the chance to win 26 more games. The 2-run games would still be lost since they would eventually lose in extras since they can't score a 3rd run. As for the others it is possible that they score 1 extra run in regulation and score the 2nd in extras, after giving up like 8 runs. Similar scenarios could be envisioned in the extra inning loses. So the Marlins would at this point in time be somewhere between 51 and 77 loses. My guess it that it would be somewhere closer to the upper portion. As for run differential it would also be complicated since 2 extra runs in the alternate history would lead to extra inning runs happening or not happening. For the sake of simplicity, I will assume they would still give up the 729 but score an extra 294 for the 2 runs per game. That would give them 840 runs for a run differential of +111. They would probably be holding the 1st or 2nd wold card in the NL this year. For the record, I think that the pitching will definitely improve so they don't even need 2 more runs per game.
  16. When a guy like Stanton strikes out 4 times in a game it has less of an impact on the team's ability to win the game than when a pitcher gives up 4 homers. Position players can get a game winning hit, but the last play of the game does not mean that none of the other players impacted the game leading to the win. What about the pitchers who kept it close? What about the other hitters who got on base and set up the game winning opportunity? Offense is not as reliant on one player as pitching is. And I know defense makes a big difference for pitchers, but even the best defenders are not gonna prevent runs from scoring if the pitcher is giving up nothing but lasers.
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