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  1. Misner went 0-4 in his debut. #AnotherBustProspect
  2. I'd rather win more games then just this one...
  3. Isan diaz. He went 1-4 to maintain his .305 batting average.
  4. Our triple a team got one hit tonight. Can anyone guess who got the one hit?
  5. What I gave was the equivalent of a movie trailer. Gives away what everyone came for and leaves out all the mindless filler that people just gloss over when they see it.
  6. Btw, the real highlight of the game was Will Stewart who came up 1 out short of a no-hitter.
  7. Bleday went 1-4 with a k in his debut. Meanwhile with the GCL Orioles Adley Rutschman started his career with a homer. Clearly #CheapJeter was too cheap to draft a real player like Rutschman and so we got stuck with Bleday who is already a #Bust that can't hit over .250 at single A. #FuckJeter https://www.mlb.com/news/adley-rutschman-hits-first-pro-home-run
  8. Can it be called spilled milk if the bowl is where the guy wanted the milk to go?
  9. Why are they only having Nick Neidert face 3 batters? Pitch count didn't become a factor, did it? If it did, then we totally have to acquire those 3 hitters, 'cause they can absolutely grind at the plate.
  10. ZmYHLbHl0EMO5Cg6PKeMYKWIHbZSV5mazRuFXgOOHDY.mp4.a2fabfadb0659a51e4ddccd02a9a4c86.mp4
  11. All I'm saying is that I'd rather have 8 Brian Andersons then one Nolan Arenado or Anthony Rendon.
  12. And as I was typing he made my point for me.
  13. He has a career OPS+ (baseball reference) of 107 meaning 7% above average and WRC+ (fangraphs) of 108. Those are solid numbers. He has a career high iso and hard hit % which explains the career high homers, but he also has a career high soft hit % and chase rate explaining his lower batting average. Not to mention his defensive runs saved (fangraphs) of 9 at 3B is the highest in the league despite having several hundred fewer innings at 3B than guys like Arenado and Longoria. Also 2/3 of his innings have been at 3B this season and he has shown consistently solid play at the position.
  14. I don't know about that. BA has the potential to hit for decent average with a bit of pop. He isn't super fast but he is a smart base runner and he is above average defensively with the ability to play out of position at just as high a level. Not a perfect ballplayer by any stretch, but I would say he is average to above average at every aspect. Besides, when is the last time the Marlins had a consistent third baseman that we could rely on? Maybe Cantu, but the position was a massive hole for a lot of years.
  15. Just realized that I forgot to send this one. This was the second trade that was referenced in the post above:
  16. Since the Twins also need relievers I started thinking about snatching up Jordan Balazovic. Probably a pipe dream for some of these trades, but if the Marlins did all three they would add 3 top 100 prospects. Along with the draft, the international signings, and reevaluating the players having big seasons like Diaz and Cabrera, these moves would definitely put the Marlins in the top 10 farm rankings and could give the team 7+ top 100 prospects.
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