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  1. We have the same number of losses as the Nationals now.
  2. I'm trying to weigh the pros and cons of a win vs a @pollythewog ban.
  3. Game's not over yet. We shall see.
  4. Small sample sizes, but 4.8 runs per game in the last 5. Plus reinforcements of Monte, and Diaz and perhaps a reinvigorated Brinson.
  5. If the Marlins win today, then they will be 16-31, the same record as the Houston Astros were in 2005 after 47 games. They went on to win 89 games and won the pennant. During their rough start they had solid pitching, but struggled to score runs. The offense got hot and propelled them to the finish line. In their final 115 games, they scored 4.5 runs per game and gave up 3.5 runs per game. Not saying the Marlins are gonna do any of that, but at least there is a precedent.
  6. I wish more articles would come out about how we are the worst team in the history of MLB. Team has really taken off since then.
  7. They must be doing serious doughnuts considering the team has been turning for at least a week at this point.
  8. Since yesterday was bark at the park day are we talking human or dog years?
  9. I just saw that the Tigers and Orioles have a worse run differential than the Marlins. I thought the Marlins were going to set the MLB record for worse run differential in a season. What does it say about those other two teams?
  10. That 7 game winning streak included 2 wins by Chen as well as wins by Koehler, Conley, Barraclough, and Nicolino.
  11. Suspect it might be a rain out tonight?
  12. I didn't know that you were Jordan Yamamoto's dad. Why didn't you say so earlier?
  13. Who's gonna dig the holes? It can't be dogs, Denbo would never allow that.
  14. The Marlins now have 12 different players with more home runs than Giancarlo Stanton.
  15. So Dean just happened to remember that Berti had to make an out of the blue trip to Illinois?
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