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  1. It would be great to see the bullpen close this out strong.
  2. I had a music teacher who, when berating the poor performance of the woodwinds, once asked how much sewage does it take to turn a glass of Pepsi into sewage? I contend that anything greater than a molecule or two of doody-water changes the drink from soda to sewage. Even a 10th of a teaspoon. His purpose was to get the clarinets to tune their dang instruments, but the analogy is relevant here. We know, without much doubt, that Loria was a very bad owner, an unqualified meddler and a penny pincher -- the worst combo. And yet, after a sip of the sewage Pepsi, we are now confident we don't like Pepsi. In reality, though, Pepsi just reminds us of sewage, and rightfully gives us a smidge of PTSD. But we don't really know what Pepsi tastes like. What I'm saying is I find it difficult to agree with this sentiment: "This rebuild is going great; let's fire the top executives." Without inside knowledge of who does what, how they perform in their tasks, and so on, I'd say the desire to call for Mr. Hill's firing is misplaced.
  3. I think it's important to keep in perspective how big 2 runs per game is. That's the gulf between the Marlins (3.73 runs per game, last in MLB) and the Nationals (5.36 runs per game, 6th best in baseball). Consider where those runs come from -- Soto, Rendon, Eaton, Turner, Kendrick. That's a lot of hitters in the lineup who can produce, and two of those guys (Soto and Rendon) are in a different universe. The Marlins could in theory sign Rendon (though I struggle to see how Rendon turns down offers, even for less money, to play on more competitive teams; he's just going to be an enormously hot ticket), but they'd also need a few of their high-ceiling hitters (Brinson, Alfaro, Diaz, Sanchez, Jazz) to click and click early in order to get the season R/Game up 1 run, much less 2. (Park factors also play a role in this too, but it sounds like the Marlins are going to do something about that this offseason, but since that moves the RA/Game as much as it moves the R/Game number, it's moot in this conversation.) So I think a 1-run improvement is reasonable to expect (swap Rendon with a lesser, but decent FA slugger and assume one of the 5 high-ceiling guys clicks), but as you note, a 1-run improvement might be enough given the current state of pitching depth. Things are looking a bit more exciting in 2020.
  4. https://blogs.fangraphs.com/elegy-for-18-miami-marlins/
  5. Yes, sorry, Dalvy Rosario (yet another plus defensive SS). Had Lumberkings on the brain.
  6. That is certainly a function of his being added to the roster just for the playoffs. They already had a plus-defensive starting SS (Chris Torres), so it probably wouldn't sit right with the players involved if 19-year-old Naz comes up from Rookie ball to displace their starting SS. Having seen him play, I can say that Naz is either currently or will be soon the best defender in minor league baseball. He's not permanently moving to 2B any time soon. Or ever.
  7. "Let's Bash" by the Lonely Island is the correct answer.
  8. Through 135 PA (40 games), this one guy hit .220/ .281/.390 with just 5 HR. With a .672 OPS, the Angels should have DFA'd Mike Trout before he got expensive, but now they're stuck with him. Oh well. The lesson is: If a prospect doesn't immediately look like an MVP in this first 10 to 40 games, time to move on.
  9. Every Dodgers affiliate in 2018 made the playoffs in their respective leagues. That's unbelievable.
  10. Sorry, we are definitely taking past each other. Yes, Sierra has one more option year. The Cardinals called him up in 2017, but did not option him that year. He has been optioned last year and this year, meaning he has one more option year.
  11. He would need to be removed from the 40-man, and doing so would require he pass through waivers. Since he has not had a prior outright, the Marlins would then be able to outright him to a minor league roster (assuming he passes through waivers, which he almost certainly wouldn't). @FishFan95, this is what happened with Isaac Galloway: AAA: Signed to minor league contract MLB: Marlins purchase his contract, adding him to the 40-man roster and to the 25-man roster MLB: Marlins DFA Galloway (removing him from 40-man roster) AAA: Marlins outright Galloway to AAA In order for an option to be consumed, a player must be sent to the minors ("optioned" to the minors) while still on the 40-man roster. Galloway had no such chance as his time on the 40-man was confined to his time on the 25-man roster. Players like Peter O'Brien and (currently) Wilkin Castillo have resided on both the 40-man and a minor league roster, and those players have burned an option year as a result. Guys on the 40-man roster are "protected" in a number of ways (they can't reach minor league free agency, they aren't eligible for the Rule 5 Draft), so to prevent teams from just protecting minor leaguers for years and years and years (without accruing the major league service time needed to become a major league free agent) teams may only stash a 40-man roster'd player in the minors in 3 different seasons. When they do so, they are "optioning" that player to a minor league roster.
  12. That's not how options work. @97marlin has it right. Sierra will be out of options to start 2020. Galloway's situation was different because he was removed from the 40-man.
  13. Clearly a fake Eagles fan. No fan of a Philly sports team has that much self-awareness.
  14. Good question, but no -- only Marlins and Braves players are allowed to play in the game, and thus win the series. In order for us to win the series, we would need to be signed by the Marlins and added to the 40-man and 25-man rosters in order to win the series. But I'm worried doing so might actually lessen the Marlins chances of winning the game because I'm guessing very few of us possess the necessary competencies to defeat a team of professional athletes. But you never know, I guess, until you try.
  15. I'm very sorry you're stuck on this idea. There's simply no way the Braves would trade the most valuable contract in baseball, much less to a division rival. It would seriously be easier to trade for Mike Trout. He's going to be untouchable for at least 5 years.
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