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  1. Brinson actually took a walk.
  2. It may happen now again grrr or not woot
  3. They have been framing that pitch a strike all day and now for streak it is not?
  4. Brinson you are approaching a Chen suckage
  5. Go back to your hole Mattingly. You are wasting time
  6. We used up our hits for the week last night
  7. Any news on Alfaro knee besides just tightness?
  8. Too late now might as well watch. Not like Chen’s pitching so should be safe maybe I was wrong
  9. So much for the shut out. We just can’t have nice things.
  10. Please don’t watch tomorrow either then. Nevermind tomorrow urena starts starts we are screwed anyways
  11. Up seven what is the odds of our “great” manager pulling Smith for Chen?
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