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  1. Antonio refers to me as his 2 inch punisher
  2. It was a weird time for every body, I think you had me confused with roger Clemens though because I saw the little smile till you turned around
  3. I’m more then happy to prove my worthiness.
  4. Hi all just joined the group today, looking forward to many great discussions with you all. Been a fish fan since 93 and I figured I’d start off by offering my all time best Marlin 25 man roster (based on Marlins stats only) Starting pitchers Kevin Brown Josh Beckett Jose Fernandez Dontrelle Willis Ricky Nolasco Bullpen Felix Heredia Dennis Cook Matt Mantei Jay Powell Bryan Harvey Antonio Alfonseca Closer Rob Nenn Starters C Charles Johnson 1B Derrick Lee 2B Luis Castillo SS Hanley Ramirez 3B Mike Lowell RF Giancarlo Stanton CF Juan Pierre LF Gary Sheffield Bench Jeff Connie JT Realmuto Edgar Renteria Cliff Floyd Kurt Abbott Love to hear you guys’ feedback
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