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  1. "It's about time!" - Brian Anderson
  2. The Marlins seem to be the only team that perpetually thinks it's okay for the 5-8 hitters to have absolutely no idea how to hit.
  3. Why do the AA intrasquad uniforms look better than the ones the Marlins are wearing right now?
  4. Alfaro is more aimless and reckless with his swings than Ozuna was in 2013.
  5. Yeah, it confused me too. A bit carried away.
  6. How many times is Alfaro going to do that today?
  7. Oh, yes. Conley in a one-run game. Don't hold back, Donnie.
  8. My stream has been really smooth today. (bracing for piss jokes)
  9. Seriously...they just could've used the original Billy with a different uniform.
  10. Either way, Juan Carlos Oviedo shouldn't have been chosen.
  11. That 3-second ad has roundly convinced me to choose FP&L. Oh, wait.
  12. Most of them are. He should've been our Opening Day starter.
  13. Just think: With some determination and a stellar performance from the bullpen, we could be just ten games under .500 after 20 games.
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