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  1. Matt Adams is a dick.
  2. Chen has definitely figured something out lately. His sequencing and command are better.
  3. It was three pitches. Means absolutely nothing.
  4. That knock brought Rivera's OPS up to a clean and even .100.
  5. Beautiful setup for the fastball there. I'm impressed.
  6. Be efficient here, Zac.
  7. I saw those kind of frequently in the last two years of Joe Robbie, but not at Marlins Park.
  8. There doesn't appear to be, since some count at the turnstiles (how the Marlins do it now) and some count total tickets sold (as we did in the Loria era).
  9. Except very few people ever even questioned it. I like honesty, but it wouldn't hurt to pad optics in these trying times.
  10. Yep. I would've somehow hated Loria exponentially more, but Jose would still be alive. How bizarre.
  11. I liked Loria's system of reporting attendance much better. It might've been bullshit, but it wasn't quite as embarrassing.
  12. Jose loved it here, and everyone loved him, but that didn't stop Loria and Samson from trading him to the D-Backs for Corbin and Pollock. The D-Backs dropped out at the last minute.
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