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  1. Fuck this team. I'm done with this season.
  2. What? The 2013 team had our best pitching this decade.
  3. Is the Phillies bullpen bad enough to give up three runs to this team in limited time?
  4. I know, but we were 14-41 at one point (which won't happen this year) and we still have some promising prospects in the organization now.
  5. Why does this suck feel even worse than the 2013 suck?
  6. He's probably alright, but he's no Jeremy Hermida.
  7. Fouling off at least one pitch before striking out would be a monumental step forward for Brinson at this point.
  8. I assumed as much, especially when I saw his ball:strike ratio.
  9. According to Gameday, Ureña was desperately trying to hit Rodriguez with the first three pitches and missing.
  10. I wonder how it feels to be a position player and hit lower in the order than Jon Berti.
  11. I've called him that before and nobody appreciated the joke, so I tried his stage name this time.
  12. "It's about time!" - Brian Anderson
  13. The Marlins seem to be the only team that perpetually thinks it's okay for the 5-8 hitters to have absolutely no idea how to hit.
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