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  1. Uh yeah, Trevor can kick rocks. I really hope we trade him, more than ananybody.
  2. Need to give all these guys the rest of the season to really figure out what our rotation will be going forward. For me, the only two I definitely think stick for next year and beyond are Smith and Yamamoto. I think Lopez can be a solid #3, just needs to stay healthy. Once healthy, I think he really blossoms. I can't help but doubt Sandy and Trevor, both are just too contactable for my liking. Can survive with them at #4 and #5, respectively, with a better offense. Then there's Gallen, who I think they'll give every chance to solidify a permanent rotation spot.
  3. Sick of trying to convince myself that this rotation is better than it actually is.
  4. Feel like Smith and Yamamoto are so far ahead of all of our other pitchers. Richards Lopez and Sandy are all in the same tier for me. I want Alcantara to be good, like so bad. But he's just not. And honestly idk how much more he's gonna mature as a pitcher. Kind of think he is what he is at this point. Not sure I see him as a long term rotation piece. He's too easy to make contact with.
  5. You don't like Holloway? If we could somehow eventually have Ureña Richards and Hernandez coming out of our pen that'd be dope lol
  6. Really excited to see what this second half brings for all of our starters, lots of sampling for evaluation left. You're ultimately right, patience is key.
  7. I'd do that trade in a heartbeat, I'd be content with the low end top 100 guy. Especially if it was a bat. Ureña and Richards are the first two voted off of my island once Cabrera, Garrett, Rodgers, Holloway, Sixto etc are ready. I could be jumping the gun on Richards and cheating his development, but I feel he's pretty topped out. His place in the rotation is written in sand.
  8. I think Alcantara has a way higher ceiling and growth potential than Richards. I think he only gets better from here tbh. He has something that Richards doesn't, and that's pedigree and a power arm. Ureña and Richards are both expendable in my eyes.
  9. 5 more years of club control and that enticing changeup has no value? I agree with your other statement though, I think he's a mid 4 ERA guy. Would prob start Hernandez over him tbh.
  10. Shop Richards, guy can't go 6 consistently to save his life. Sick of these 4-5 inning starts with 4 ER. Give me a rotation of Smith-Alcantara-Yamamoto-Lopez when healthy-Gallen. Hernandez, and Ureña when he comes back, to the pen and ready for spot starts and long relief.
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