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  1. Let's go Pablo! Staying up late to watch my boy pitch
  2. Good game Dugger, really happy with how he's performing. Another young arm to add to the mix. Exciting!
  3. Yeah I was very tough on him, I'm way too reactionary sometimes for sure! I just know he can be great, and we're starting to see that I believe. Very comfy with him and Smith going into next season as our top 2 arms. But I think I'm even more excited to see who the last 3 will be to round out the rotation. Yams, Pablo, Dugger, Hernandez along with all the minor league guys
  4. Sandy really taking form lately. Whatever he's doing differently, he seems to have found consistency in doing so.
  5. Gotta start to show me something Isan, like fucking anything bro..the hitless multi strikeout games are really kinda becoming a regular thing, and he's really kinda been up here for a bit now.
  6. Let's see Dugger continue to develop and turn in another solid start!
  7. Was hoping Isan would show at least microscopic progress but he really hasn't.
  8. Castano solid again , seems like every Lumber King pitcher we have is like really effective? That whole team is brimming with potential it seems. Bad Pablo.
  9. Hey look at that, 2 more HR given up by a starter
  10. Another otherwise good start by a starter, marred by largely 1 pitch and homer. This homer shit gotta stop.
  11. Yeah the big ball park thing makes it kinda worrisome. On a more positive note, here's to Sandy killing it again tomorrow
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