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  1. Michael


    Sometimes losers rally, it happens!
  2. Michael


    You kids and your bridges. Anyways. It's Das. He's a Dashole. Das how it be. You may call him a loser as well. ❤️
  3. Michael


    See this is why people thought you were Jeter for a little bit.
  4. Perhaps if he has a strong Spring start and another team has a decent player get injured long term. Knock on their door. Offer them some milk (Garrett Cooper is the milk).
  5. Michael


    Ya know ... I actually understand this. Not from any of my sports teams but like. Madden. Or The Show. Had one franchise in The Show where I went with the idea of the team having 13 top level relievers instead of a 5 starter / 8 reliever split and it went so well, by the time April finished, I was still undefeated and went, "well ... that's no fun." The offense wasn't all that great either so it was just pitching being so stupidly dominant. lol
  6. It was certainly weird ... continuously calling up Devin Marrero and Luis Marte rather than Bryson Brigman the entire year was just baffling.
  7. I agree with this and even mentioned doing so back then. Got some flak for it. Lol
  8. It is possible, but I'm willing to give him a full offseason with our pitching group and see what happens. Give him a couple months at most next year as a starter and if it don't go well, call up the next starter and Luzardo to the pen at that point.
  9. Yeah, I am good with those ideas. Brinson ... if we can trade him, great, but his time here is done, shouldn't be offered a deal. Pablo I almost want to keep and see if he can't get a full season finally. Elieser can be traded.
  10. That'd be awesome! And at least with Meyer, likely.
  11. I know he's had an off couple of years but come on, man, you're being harsh on him.
  12. Lower than he should be. All that matters. (I don't know the number 😁)
  13. He'll be much higher on the list next year.
  14. Michael


    And that's commendable! Loyalty is usually good.
  15. I would think so - a player who performs that poorly should never have a bust made of them!
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