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  1. Ehhh 1.5. Technically 2.5. Spring Training can still be off-season-ish.
  2. Certainly ain't a Yankee.
  3. Ooh, the Confederates won't like this one ...
  4. I wonder if JT thinks he should get even more than that. Shoot maybe even offer same AAV but a sixth year.
  5. Worth noting I guess. No reason we can't structure a backloaded deal and beat this offer, right?
  6. A reverse incentive, I like it.
  7. Ah, penis. No 7 inning double headers, dammit. No runner on 2nd in extras, dammit.
  8. I'd agree. With the new signings, maybe one of our younger guys becomes a little more expendable and thus ... Come to Miami, Willson.
  9. Yeah, we really could have done that ... no excuses or defending this one.
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