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  1. Shove with Sandy from the start and maybe go Sixto game two, but Pablo's not a bad choice either. Hopefully we won't need a third starter for round one. Extra off day between series and then we won't need a fifth guy. Also: we actually get to talk about this! Ahhh!
  2. That ball went 384. It's a homer in every ballpark except ours and Fenway pretty much.
  3. Alright let's just put bullpen pitchers out in the field and get Jon Berti on the mound.
  4. Can't say I do but I imagine a lot of contact was made.
  5. Brian Moehler was an odd favorite of mine. Lol. I was at the game where collected his first two career RBI, against the Mariners. Don't forget the days of having to sign Mike Rivera to catch because our top four catchers were all injured.
  6. I don't have anything substantial to prove it but I think it's his pre-appearance routine. As an Opener he has so much more time to do anything and everything he wants to do, out of the bullpen it's much more immediate.
  7. Eh he might be more like 7, 8 months away, really.
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