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  1. And Anderson was a big reason in the Rays reaching the World Series last year.
  2. Somehow Barry Bonds would suck in this lineup.
  3. Yeah, this is fair. I think. Either way, we'll find out soon, won't we?
  4. It is possible, yes. But why not tell all of them to, at the least, increase their trade value with their suddenly better stuff?
  5. How do you know it's more of the same with Rowson, though? Or the others?
  6. I saw it - he didn't say "worst" though. "Taught their pitchers the benefit" of using it, nothing more than that. But did say he'll have more to say after Manfred addresses things. Hill then denied it so take that as you will.
  7. Somehow Don's brilliant idea of giving someone a day off before an actual day off lined up for THREE players!
  8. Our pitching (starters anyways) have gotten a lot better this year and that's without Hill, so, who knows?
  9. Certainly a lot of blame that can go around here. We even have to throw some towards the hitting instructors. What exactly is going on there? As much as we blame Don for the lineups (and yes they are bad lineups for sure), at what point do we just get pissed at the hitters for not doing their job? Pissed at the hitting coaches for not getting them adjusted? We're already mad at the FO for the offense (Kim Ng's quote was damning), but time to add another group into that mix with the hitting coaches. I'm not much of a batting average proponent, but holy hell, looking at the splits, whoever has batted 3rd through 8th this year doesn't have an average over .240 or an OBP over .320. There's no patience in this lineup. The team has 2,513 plate appearances this year. Only 331 have started 2-0. ... I'd say be more patient and better results will come but looking at all the count splits, no, they are all just terrible. The approach is god awful. The situational hitting is completely nonexistent (see game 2 of this last series, 2nd n 3rd no out, didn't score). 60 homers, second worst in the NL, and if not for Road Aguilar, probably last. We're 8th in the NL hits. Cool! Middle of the road! If the runs scored were also 8th in the league, we're probably in contention right now. But no, 12th. Striking out the second-most in the league while walking the 11th least. It's just so bad. 😞
  10. And they have since traded him to Milwaukee.
  11. Rays: "We'll trade you Jesus Sanchez." Marlins: "Oh, I've heard about him, he's good."
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