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  1. Gonna be hard to create a custom stadium though if bots keep buying a PS5.
  2. That being said, I think it'll be cool to "re-create" old versions of newer ballparks that have had dimensions changed, a la Marlins Park, Petco Park, Citi Field ... Could be fun.
  3. I'm also dumb because, uh, it's already in MLB the Show ... lol.
  4. Got it. What was wrong with you when you made the title?
  5. Same! I expected it to be really more like a bunch of preset options like MVP 05, but holy shiiiit. I was hoping one day for an MVP 06/07 type ballpark creator, with customizable walls, but was fine with the idea of, like I said, preset options, with crowds and seats and stuff with tiers being implemented. THEY GAVE US BOTH! One of them having three tiers of outfield seats, that'll be fun to work with. How many of us are making Joe Robbie Stadium?? lol
  6. The customization, holy crap. I saw wall heights from 4' to 40', distances over 450'. This is going to be super fun.
  7. Yep, I agree. I'd imagine it would be known by now if so, but Pujols being the money attraction that he's been over his career, "eh, whatever, let it go for now."
  8. Ah good, you've paid your fees this month.
  9. His velo is working its way back up so that's encouraging. He was sitting mid 90s previously so if he's getting that back, he becomes much better. When his fastball was sitting 90 ... eh.
  10. He's gotta do SOMETHING to pay his membership fees here.
  11. Innings eater if nothing else and let Neidert and Rogers figure out whatever they need in AAA. IF he makea the roster of course.
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