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  1. God damn it, I checked and I know what's happened ... I thought MLB was cracking down on this! https://clickhole.com/speeding-up-the-game-the-mlb-will-no-longer-allow-pitc-1825123719/
  2. There's a problem, though - if the team feels Sierra needs to also stay in 2022 ... then you have two guys who are, right now, at BEST, just backup outfielders. Granted, if we don't keep Marte ... 🙄one or both would be needed out there, maybe as a platoon situation. Cool, bat em 8th!
  3. .585 OPS in the opportunities he HAS gotten, to be fair. I agree his approach is better, but it was never good to begin with, unfortunately. He needs to stop complaining when he gets sent down, though, and start performing when he gets the chance.
  4. Isan and Brinson optioned, bats wake up. Coincidence? Yeah probably. Duvall a pair of shots and drives in six. Berti a 3 run ding dong. Marte had the other RBI with a walk. Cool! Poteet 3.2, got squeezed a bit but did what he needed. Curtiss, Detwiler, and Pop went the rest scoreless. Good stuff.
  5. OK *maybe* be worried about J-Sanchez.
  6. Miggy hasn't missed a beat out there.
  7. OK do we have NO bench? What the fuck?
  8. Alright, they've got a decent bullpen, I can give you that.
  9. ................... since when?
  11. Jazz getting back into those big swings again.
  12. Carrying 9 relievers right now is pointless because right now it's literally a day off, a three game set, and a day off ... No reason to do this.
  13. Then it's a wall-scraper!
  14. That's a 386 in left center. 10 feet further, fam!
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