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  1. Ehhh 1.5. Technically 2.5. Spring Training can still be off-season-ish.
  2. Certainly ain't a Yankee.
  3. Ooh, the Confederates won't like this one ...
  4. I wonder if JT thinks he should get even more than that. Shoot maybe even offer same AAV but a sixth year.
  5. Worth noting I guess. No reason we can't structure a backloaded deal and beat this offer, right?
  6. A reverse incentive, I like it.
  7. Ah, penis. No 7 inning double headers, dammit. No runner on 2nd in extras, dammit.
  8. I'd agree. With the new signings, maybe one of our younger guys becomes a little more expendable and thus ... Come to Miami, Willson.
  9. Yeah, we really could have done that ... no excuses or defending this one.
  10. That'll be easy to uphold cause they asses ain't makin' it there for a HWHILE.
  11. That big prospect could end up being Yiddi Cappe or Jose Salas, who are both a few years off. Not the worst thing ever.
  12. Yes, some of the Top 30. None of the top 5 and maybe not even top 10.
  13. Oh, y'all can definitely argue.
  14. The Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) is expiring at the end of 2021, so MLB most likely wants to keep it as something they can use for leverage in those negotiations. Basically, "we'll give you the universal DH, but in return, we want ..."
  15. Eh, if you can go all fields, sure. If Beni started turning into a pure pull hitter, that may have affected a lot. Fenway is massive in right field.
  16. Thing is, Angels would have to give up from their upper echelon of available talent to get Contreras where-as we do not have to do that.
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