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  1. I think he's more in the 25-30 HR range once he gets it figured out, honestly. He just needs to chill at the plate, relax and stop TRYING to go deep.
  2. No we don't, bring em all in, reboot The Franchise on Showtime for a 10 year anniversary of the last clusterfuck and we ride.
  3. And Jazz to an extent, yeah.
  4. If interest in Floro is high, go for it. Assuming a good return.
  5. No longer on it, "graduated" I believe. I could be wrong here.
  6. It's not going to go from .198 to .270 overnight, especially this deep in the season. He's making the adjustments. Patience. If the struggles are still there mid 2022 then be worried.
  7. Was pitching in Las Vegas too which is ultra hitter friendly. The walks are a concern, but the ERA gets inflated a ton there.
  8. They have GOT to stop going to strip clubs.
  9. Pitcher: *has changeup* Marlins development staff:
  10. We have the pitching depth to maybe make it happen. But we do need to guarantee an extension.
  11. Damn that really sucks. ☹ I feel like a lot of people overlook him now because he wasn't the Super-Ace people assumed out of college but he had a lot of really good years and solid numbers. Not to mention what he did in the 2019 playoffs. Hope he comes back from this.
  12. He must have gotten news of being taken off of the BA top 100 early.
  13. I'm liking this post but only because I didn't want to dislike the post and lower your rep. I very much dislike this info. Still needed a reaction. Lol.
  14. So why not both? One of em backs up. Win win!
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