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  1. Craig is a straight shooter. He's telling us he's not sure on the duration, that's fine. He doesn't want to increase either hope or fear, just presenting the facts as he knows them - something we don't see often in journalism anymore. It's refreshing. Really not sure why you guys crap on him semi often.
  2. Why did Wood only throw like 60 pitches in five innings? Too aggressive.
  3. This is exactly what will happen.
  4. Not a single earned run in this game. Terrible luck on our side along with probably being too aggressive against Wood. Not much else to say, really.
  5. OK redemption for Miggy. Let's see if we can do it again!
  6. Frisaro was the FO shill. Mish tells things like it is. Cooper was more than likely lined up for a big season, no reason to dispute it really. He's just struggling.
  7. Cool, cool cool cool. And bad luck ... 😞
  8. So naturally we're being overaggressive.
  9. Sucks to get another fantastic start and our starter walks away with a no decision at best. 😞
  10. Understandable then if they're not going to give you any good or any slow motion replays. Hope you're enjoying the ballpark at least!
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