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  1. Probably second toughest behind the Mariners.
  2. That's good to see them working together for once.
  3. Seems like he'll be part of the ownership group by what's stated, though, not the GM? Who knows.
  4. Because it's the Marlins, screw us at every turn. Would have been a lot smarter to start Philly, go to Baltimore, have Baltimore come here, play Washington at home, but no. Marlins. Gotta screw us. Not sure why they had to put that series all together while the others are all split. Whatever.
  5. Seems like a 60-game sweep could happen. Let's go!
  6. Definitely hoping for expansion, then give us two leagues with two eight-team divisions. Eastern League, Western League. Northern and Southern divisions, maybe.
  7. Total of a 12 year contract with his current deal still on.
  8. Shoot, what does that make the winning bid for the Marlins then?
  9. Oh how I wish it was simply just MLB that this statement applied.
  10. Wordy title but point across. We're going to end up nixing this season, I'm sure, at this rate.
  11. If they're sending some dudes from Jupiter to the Marlins Park camp I wonder if that means the positive tests came from the Marlins Park group.
  12. Perhaps. Could also see guys going for it this year in an attempt to boost their stock.
  13. Paid Minor League players $250,000 of his own money. Opts out and is getting paid to do nothing. What a boss.
  14. If we see players go onto the injured list with no disclosed reason, I think we can safely assume that it is those players who tested positive. Shouldn't be a super difficult task, if and when that happens. Of course it could be players that are on the 60-man pool but not the 40-man roster.
  15. Welcome to Atlanta Fuck Michaels baseball, the only Rated-R (and sometimes Rated-X) Major League Baseball Experience!
  16. I could definitely see a strike next year. We're definitely going to have that grievance take place in the off-season. It's going to be messy. Manfred recently stating that "we were never going to play more than 60 games this year" was pretty awful, should only strengthen the case of the player's grievance. The owners suddenly saying "let's see if we can get SOME fans into the ballpark safely this year" should only strengthen the case of the player's grievance as well. If we don't get a strike, I fully expect the 2022-2026 CBA to be VERY player friendly compared to year's past.
  17. Gingerly walked off field with trainer's assistance (see below). Truthfully this was always something I feared would happen with Stanton at some point. He's never been one to get under a ball and "loft" it like how Judge does, someone with very similar levels of power. When Stanton did make contact, it was always sharp line drives. And unfortunately it finally happened today. Just glad Tanaka was able to stand and walk off, even if it was with assistance. Best wishes to him, hopefully it's not a concussion. 0
  18. As far as I'm concerned, if it gets rid of the chop, they can be called the Atlanta "Fuck Michaels" and I'd gladly accept it.
  19. I like that, too. Maybe both could be used. The Redskins are looking to change name, too. Took some financial motivation (FedEx saying they were going to pull naming rights deal from the stadium) but looks like we'll get that finally. lol.
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