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  1. Just Dingers Martinez.
  2. Deflection is what it really means. Lol Probably not even baseball related.
  3. It's already in the works. They just can't say anything yet.
  4. By god. You have become one of us. I'm so proud of you!
  5. Looks like we're attempting to catch lightning in a bottle again moving a decent hitting shortstop behind the plate.
  6. So 2000 is part of the 1900s but not 1900.
  7. Back and leg injuries from carrying that team.
  8. Brewers about to be eliminated.
  9. White Sox eliminated earlier today.
  10. We have a lot of that talent available to spend, man.
  11. We could see three eliminations today. Or three teams surviving for a fifth game. Or two eliminations. Or one elimination. Or two games played and a rainout.
  12. They did. Because a young, high-profile player (Stanton) was involved. His perfect throw got negated.
  13. Yeah that view isn't great. But he was definitely very near third. Rays have just been eliminated.
  14. During the regular season, absolutely. This, however, happened on a national stage. The rule changes occur under two circumstances. 1. National Stage 2. High-Profile Player / Team My examples, and I'll admit some "apples to oranges" stuff here. First for #2: No more home plate collisions. Buster Posey getting injured was the catalyst for this. Catchers got trucked for years, got hurt, and said "it's part of the game." Nowadays, young, high-profile star on a team that just won the World Series gets hurt? "We better change the rule." Brett Hayes got absolutely hammered in September of 2010 (ya know, the reason we went after Nyjer Morgan!). Nobody cared. "Part of the game." Now example for #!: Sliding rules into bases. For years and years and years, takeout slides occurred at second base to prevent double plays. Players got injured for many years. "It's part of the game." Chris Coghlan slides hard into second and breaks Jung Ho Kang's leg in September of 2015. "Well that's unfortunate." Chase Utley slides hard into second and breaks Ruben Tejada's leg in the NLDS, a national stage. "WE HAVE TO CHANGE THIS RULE, NOW." In the NFL, it's similar. Patriots vs Chiefs in the AFC Championship a few years ago. The rule hasn't yet changed, but it got everyone talking - Patriots won the coin flip, marched down the field and scored a touchdown. Mahomes didn't get a shot to try and tie it. For years and years and years, it was simply, "it sucks ... but it's how the game goes." As soon as this happened in a game where the winner gets to go to the Super Bowl, AND against a young and high profile superstar, "maybe we should change this rule ..." This will, at the very least, get a lot of discussion this off-season, and "how can we make this better?" It's a play that should involve umpire discretion. Here's the play in question: Yandy Diaz started at first base and was already at third base by the time the ball bounced over. That's where the umpires ended up putting him. He would have very obviously scored on this, because he was on the run with the pitch as well. Kiermaier would have possibly ended up at third but wouldn't have been the worst thing ever if they placed him at second. This really needed to be an "umpire's discretion" situation.
  15. Ah, damn, CBA expires after that time I think. Decisions to be made soon then.
  16. When is the deadline for arbitration / contract tendering? Might be worth waiting for the CBA getting finalized if we can, see if DH becomes universal. Then Cooper could be tendered a deal then traded.
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