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  1. a gold glove is nice, but if he cant get a hit passed the 7th inning in a close game........who needs him... :angry u ganna tell me he doesnt hit after 7th in ?
  2. Lee isnt a clutch hitter eveyone knows that. He is a power hitter and isnt sopose to be a clutch hitter. I wouldnt trade him just because he doesnt hit clutch. He is a great fielder (like everyone knows). Torborg wouldnt trade him. Maybe they will resign Hollandsworth but not Lee... i am 110% with u there ! u hit the point i was trying to make. Lee will win a gold glove maybe this year . just watch.
  3. nice i hope we sign him again and then we get Vlad Guerrero! And w re-sign everyone like Castillo , Gonzalez , Redman , Burnett , Beckett , Lowell ( if he doesnt get trade for Shea) Juan E , Lee , and Penny and this team would be unstopable it would look like this 1B - Lee 2B - Castillo SS - Gonzalez 3B - Lowell * Shea (whichever) LF - Juan E CF - Pierre RF - Guerrero C - Pudge SP- Burnett (2005) Redman Penny Beckett and bring 2 good SP or trade them here ! 2 good pitchers like Finley and Rogers they could come here now so can Lima they all Free Agents!!
  4. after 33 games, record: 15-18 currently 5 games out of 1st(Braves still playing) The pitching is in shambles but help seems to be on the way of Dontrelle Willis....... --Josh Beckett looks to be turning the corner.. --Brad Penny has been pitching well, but not lights out....it's time for a really well pitched game --Carl Pavano has pitched well......except when he pitched on 2 days rest --Mike Tejera had a promising start today --DW is on the way, let's hope he has a good start Friday and beyond because alot of people will have an eye on him The hitting has hurt us..... --Pierre went 4/4 today but was sucking big time before that --Castillo is......well Castillo... --Pudge hasnt hit with the power/clutchness we expect but he will turn it around --Mike Lowell has been on a tear, even his outs are crushed --Derrek Lee has sucked....he is so unclutch right now it makes me sick.... --Sea Bass has been unreal this year, the team's MVP.....he should move into the 6 hole in the lineup --Hollandsworth has sucked.....but it seems that when he hits the ball, good things happen....Robinson needs to keep working with him The bullpen has been better since Nunez and Neal left.... The bench: --Gerald Williams needs to go babysit his grandkids, not swing and miss on 95mph fastballs --Brian Banks gets no ab's but has the 'knack' for being clutch --Mike Redmond is awesome --Ramon Castro, in limited abs, has been good too Fox and Mordecai have both been playing well..... The Managing: --Not much to say here....when we win, Torborg has nothing to do with it.....when we lose, he has everything to do with it So my question is, can the Fish turn this sinking ship around......???? yes they can Marlins ganna go 11-4 in next 15 games
  5. Damian Moss 2003 ERA: 2.21 W: 4 L: 0 Damian Moss Bio This is the other guy we should gave gotten in that Mike Hampton deal with Spooneybarger.... I AGREE WE SHOULD OF GOTTAN HIM BUT MARLINS DONT THINK!
  6. BRING BOBBY!! :w00t :w00t :w00t
  7. well the way Shea been hitting since the season started i hope the trade happens cuz Lowell yes he is hitting bu he not getting the big hits when we need them with RISP!
  8. i say 7-2 Marlins .... Pudge , AGon & H-Worth are going deep and Beckett going 8 1/3 with 13K's
  9. I think the Marlins should call up Juan Alvarez.... even tho i cant get his stats from the minors he doing pretty good they should call him up and test him. And if anything he goes back down where he came from.Marlins have nothing to lose by calling him up
  10. Aj might be gone to 2005
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