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  1. Michael

    Super Bowl LIII Thread

    You dumb stop being dumb dummy.
  2. Michael

    2018-2019 Off-Season Thread

    Next year will be the big point. If they're not spending a little next off-season, that'll be worrisome.
  3. Michael

    2018-2019 Off-Season Thread

  4. Michael

    Super Bowl LIII Thread

    Patriots vs Rams. Who ya got? [Heart says Rams, mind says Patriots]
  5. Michael

    Streaming TV providers

    I made the switch to YouTube TV, and so far I'm liking it. Love having MLB Network back.
  6. Michael

    Peter Gammons throwing shade at the Marlins

    "Marlins release perennial MVP candidate and gold glover Derek Dietrich. Not surprising with that team."
  7. Michael

    Marlins Park Renovation Updates

    That's what I was thinking. Hopefully soon, then, would love to see the park like that already.
  8. Michael

    Hector Noesi signed

    Oh gosh, better not see the amount some pitchers are making ...
  9. Michael

    Hector Noesi signed

    No, he's getting 800K IF he is in the Majors in 2019. If he's in the minors, it will be less.
  10. Michael

    Hector Noesi signed

    I'd like that.
  11. Michael

    Marlins Park Renovation Updates

    Stuff looks good. I wonder when they'll start transitioning the outfield walls to that blue color. Hopefully before the season, shouldn't be too difficult, right?
  12. Michael

    FanFest - Feb 9

  13. Michael

    FanFest - Feb 9

    Get it made!
  14. Michael

    2018-2019 Off-Season Thread

    So, total speculation / prediction here, I think Stanton will opt out after 2020 and return here. It'd be a win-win for him - he liked Miami, and when he comes back he'll have playoff experience and stronger leadership qualities (one would hope). Plus if he produces well, then he gets an even larger contract. It could happen!
  15. Michael

    FanFest - Feb 9

    Save the image, paint in (black) over the "Fanfest" and "save the date" parts and voila.

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