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  1. Michael

    6/20 Marlins @ Giants 3:45 PM

    FTG. Urena vs Holland Leggo.
  2. Like not allowing facial hair. Carter Capps is a sexy mofo with a beard.
  3. Has Posey accepted Scott Cousins' apology yet?
  4. Yes, exactly. Not "spend 200 million dollars" because that obviously can fail drastically if not done in a smart manner.
  5. Michael


    If anyone hits Brinson, it'll be Strickland. Dude's a nutcase who can't handle failure.
  6. Since that date Brinson has been slashing .290/.303/.516 [.819 OPS]. Not lighting the world on fire, but maybe it sparked something in him?
  7. Michael

    Kyle Barraclough

    This is some @SongInTheAir type shit. Don't do that.
  8. Michael

    6/17 Battle Of The Bad Part 3

    A sweep would be nice.
  9. Michael

    Kyle Barraclough

    0.03 ERA is basically no difference. Hader has pitched in seven more innings. The difference in strikeouts is insane. Right now Hader is on pace to strike out 221. As a reliever. Let that sink in. Furthermore, Hader's FIP is 1.00 and Bear's is 3.53, suggesting a TON of luck of Bear this year. He's been good lately, don't get me wrong, but don't say Bear is anywhere near Hader right now, because Hader is basically ... I'm not even sure what to say here. It's just insane.
  10. Michael

    Marlins Man loses $1.5 million to embezzlement

    Pretty sure I've seen him at a few games already. At least he shows up unlike those who say "I'm not going since they traded John Carlo Stantin and Chris Yelick." But y'know.
  11. Michael

    6/16 Battle Of The Bad Part 2

    Cobb is awful, so he'll probably shut us out.
  12. Michael

    Anybody follows every game like me ?

    I do my best to follow as much as I can nowadays. School and work and all. Fun times.
  13. Michael

    6-14 Giants @ Marlins

    I ... I want to ban you, but ... there's no real reason to do so.
  14. Michael

    6-14 Giants @ Marlins

    We're facing Pudge's son and Pudge is in attendance. Down 3-0.

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