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  1. If he gets back to home safely, is it a run?!
  2. A couple I believe. Within this decade anyways.
  3. What about 7:35 start times like Atlanta does? That's not too late, IMO, and more people may actually show up before the game officially begins instead of trickling in during the 2nd and 3rd.
  4. Here's another question - what if the batter starts to go, realizes the ball didn't get far enough away, and changes his mind? Tough shit for the batter? I don't see this rule making it to MLB.
  5. Makes sense. Either way it's a crazy coincidence.
  6. If you're thrown out at first, do you forfeit your plate appearance? Is it a force out at first?
  7. Orioles against the A's, in California. https://sabr.org/gamesproj/game/july-13-1991-four-orioles-pitchers-combine-no-hitter-against
  8. Branderson with that there double on an outside pitch!
  9. Miggy Ro with a fantabulous double play ... way too late.
  10. Side note, on the pitch that got slightly away from Holaday, umpire really needed to move out of the way there. He is sure getting on my nerves.
  11. We just saw what happens when you have an actual outfielder out there. Puello peeled off after Anderson said "I got it!" Riddle probably would have dove into Anderson's knees on that one.
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