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  1. Yes, and the game ended ... in the ninth.
  2. I do not have that problem, but that's all Van Gogh could do to me now basically.
  3. Booooooo demote Gabriel Guerrero to Spring Training Minor Leagues.
  4. And as further expected, the Marlins can't get the runner in with less than two outs.
  5. What's Van Gogh gonna do, be the dust that gets in my eye?
  6. And as expected, the batter who "starts" the inning with this rule bunts the runner to third.
  7. Starting the inning with a runner on second, alright.
  8. I'd consider cutting my ears off.
  9. Something - definitely hear it a ton when he says any p's or b's [and gosh he says a lot of em].
  10. I tried but @SilverBullet here kept going on about "womp womp womp womp" and I couldn't understand what he was saying.
  11. Yes, I edited my post to reflect that it was .2 instead of .9 - my mistake there. But yeah. Downloaded very fast, too, I have to say.
  12. Yep, just deleted mine as well. Finished off with a home run derby that Harmon Killebrew won. Fun stuff.
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