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  1. Michael

    Realmuto updates and rumors

    Eh, close enough, kick a field goal.
  2. Michael

    A's New Ballpark

    Exactly. If you stand up at any point, even to cheer, you forfeit your grass spot.
  3. Michael

    A's New Ballpark

    Because you can sit.
  4. Michael

    A's New Ballpark

    Sure! Could be fun. Maybe we can get a ball!
  5. Michael

    A's New Ballpark

    Yes - you can sit on the grass.
  6. Signing Trout for $4M a year, alright!
  7. Michael

    Jose Iglesias???

    That's funny, Erick, you think he makes it two games between hamstring pulls.
  8. Michael

    Realmuto updates and rumors

    They'd be #1 through #30, and I guess that'd be OK for me.
  9. Michael

    Realmuto updates and rumors

    Only 1. That's why it's a #1 prospect.
  10. Michael

    Yankees reportedly trying to trade Stanton

    Sure, why not. Let's dangle Caleb Smith and Starlin Castro at them and see if they bite.
  11. The team was going to be bad regardless. 90 loss bad or 110 loss bad, bad is bad.
  12. Michael


    Sure, why not?
  13. Michael

    Nick Anderson acquired, Dietrich DFA'd

    Don't think you can DFA the owner.

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