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  1. I probably should have looked at that. Oof. But no way he re-signs here for less if that's the choice, I'd imagine.
  2. I think we should take Castro's option and try to trade him. If he stays hot the rest of the season it might be worthwhile.
  3. The minor league season is done in like two weeks, no point. Let him take his lumps up here and learn to adjust. @SonOfJack come get your father.
  4. The only way that could happen is if we missed on signing the #1 overall pick one year and then had the worst record that same year, thus the next year you get 1 and 2. We signed our first rounder, who was 4th anyways, so obviously there is 0 chance we get picks 1 AND 2, Das. Silly. We could still get that first overall. Unlikely but we could!
  5. The full phrase is, "They're putting up video game numbers if you were playing on beginner with all the sliders tuned in your favor," but that takes way too long to type out or say every time. I have done this and it's stupidly fun in Road to the Show at times. Pitcher throwing 102 mph the entire game and averaging 430 strikeouts a year with an ERA under 0.20 in that span. And then your team fails to win the World Series anyways.
  6. Really is amazing that this still needs to be explained. Lol
  7. And then the hope is, once the rebuild is complete and sustainability comes around, that all teams at all levels are exciting. Basically, be the Dodgers or Astros.
  8. Starlin looks like a natural at third.
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