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  1. Michael

    MLB 2018 Official Playoffs Thread

    Boston eliminated Houston last night, we may have our World Series matchup official in just a couple of hours.
  2. Why not "Victory Victory and Victory Jr."?
  3. Michael

    MLB 2018 Official Playoffs Thread

    For sure. And even then, that catch overshadows the catch made in the TOP of the ninth - pretty much the exact same thing, Reddick making the catch when the Sox had the bases loaded, and kept it a two run game.
  4. Michael

    MLB 2018 Official Playoffs Thread

    Benintendi wins game 4 with a diving catch to end the game with the bases loaded and only up two. Wow.
  5. Michael

    MLB 2018 Official Playoffs Thread

    Dodgers tie the series at 2 with a 13 inning victory. Of course that happened just minutes after I decided to go to bed.
  6. Michael

    New Logo Coming

  7. Michael

    New Logo Coming

  8. Michael

    New Logo Coming

    He said he wears the orange to "stand out" so I imagine he'll continue to do so.
  9. Michael

    New Logo Coming

    Or maybe he just wants the team to not be associated with "Marlins Man" anymore. Getting rid of the orange jersey while MM still goes around with it would only associate him with the 2012-2018 Marlins, thus the 2019 and beyond Marlins will be good to go.
  10. Michael

    New Logo Coming

    I would love this. The blue walls during the WBC looked great.
  11. Michael

    4 coaches including Perry Hill gone

    Not through text, no. Pretty gosh-darn difficult.
  12. Michael

    MLB 2018 Official Playoffs Thread

    Brewers have a 2-1 series lead. Fun playoff times.
  13. Michael

    New Logo Coming

    Just wanted to stay in the North East, hard to control territories that far away.
  14. Michael

    New Logo Coming

    Why not just buy New York and New Hampshire, too?

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