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  1. Monte: *doesn't strike out in first MLB game* Everyone: BETTER THAN BRINSON
  2. Eh, not really. Still strikes out a ton and hits a lot of homers. Nothing changed.
  3. Maybe that'll be part of the next renovation phase this coming off-season? IDK.
  4. I'm going to go lie down for a few, be back soon, friends.
  5. We care about the camera people.
  6. First at bat, he swings at nothing. Second at bat, he swings at everything.
  7. When are we getting a net for the camera wells?
  8. Realmuto didn't steal all that much either, so I mean.
  9. A nice quick inning for Trevor Dicks.
  10. I knew that. I said "Alfaro is Realmuto Lite" to a few of my friends.
  11. I thought you were a Rays fan.
  12. No idea how that got out, that was a weird looking swing.
  13. Not a stick, it was some sort of ... not sure, really.
  14. Then the camera people immediately find all the issues with her brooming. lol
  15. Oh yeah Kelly, pull that broom.
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