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  1. And then the hope is, once the rebuild is complete and sustainability comes around, that all teams at all levels are exciting. Basically, be the Dodgers or Astros.
  2. Starlin looks like a natural at third.
  3. Being that the fences go 345 - 386 - 407 - 392 - 340 [or 335], the differences can be evened out a bit - it shows that it reeeaaaallly stretches out into the gaps before coming back in and nearly straightening out in right center. A difference of 15 feet from home between right center and center, and a difference of 21 between left center and center can be increased a bit. But I'm also agreeing with this:
  4. If anything move in the gaps. 386/392 are absolute blasts out there. Bring em in to a more fair 370-375 range. Center and down the lines are ok (maybe left can come in slightly).
  5. Yeah, that's what I mean. This team won't be a playoff contender next year, but we get Rendon "a year too early" (IE a year before we contend) so we've got him ready to go. Kind of like Machado to the Padres, or Werth to the Nats a few years back.
  6. Honestly I'd be 100% fine if the team took Castro's option instead of buying him out and then maybe trying to trade him this offseason.
  7. Saw a guy say if we traded Brian Anderson, that would be it for his fandom, and I said, "Really? THIS would be the trade to do it?" He also brought up the idea of trading Anderson unprovoked. Literally no mention of it anywhere, just a gloom n doom fan.
  8. Yeah I don't want him. If we're getting any player this offseason, it needs to be a "got him a year too early" kinda guys and Castellanos isn't that.
  9. They will, next year. No need to care about it this year. Tank for Tork baby!
  10. I'd love it if Detroit just went on a tear for a month.
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