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  1. 5 hours ago, rmc523 said:

    How do you bring in the gaps while leaving center?  Without some odd bump out lol.

    Being that the fences go 345 - 386 - 407 - 392 - 340 [or 335], the differences can be evened out a bit - it shows that it reeeaaaallly stretches out into the gaps before coming back in and nearly straightening out in right center. A difference of 15 feet from home between right center and center, and a difference of 21 between left center and center can be increased a bit.

    But I'm also agreeing with this:

    2 hours ago, hovertical said:

    Article says the Marlins have literally split their HR total down the middle between home/away. That tells me it doesn't really matter where they play - they don't hit HRs, which to me, means if they move the fences in the other teams will benefit more than the Marlins would.


  2. 1 hour ago, DTrain said:

    Yeah but I think I’m this spot, ownership should overlook the whole year too early thing. 


    Rendon at 3B and Andy in RF is perfect for this team. 

    Yeah, that's what I mean. This team won't be a playoff contender next year, but we get Rendon "a year too early" (IE a year before we contend) so we've got him ready to go. Kind of like Machado to the Padres, or Werth to the Nats a few years back.

  3. 3 hours ago, rmc523 said:

    I'd hardly factor Brinson into any form of logjam at any position.

    But yeah, the FAs you sign should again be the Walker/BP/starter types to 1 year deals to (actually) flip at the deadline.  The only exception would be that "year early" star guy like Rendon that you gran while he's available.  Like with Washington, you show things are getting serious with that type of move.

    Honestly I'd be 100% fine if the team took Castro's option instead of buying him out and then maybe trying to trade him this offseason.

  4. Just now, SongInTheAir said:

    I would LOVE Rendon and he's one of the few guys I would be fine with having that would force Branderson into the OF. We're not getting Cole, the Marlins won't pay for pitching when the system is stocked with them. We might get some low-upside vets to eat innings, but we're not signing an ace.

    Rendon is the "year too early" guy I'd want.

  5. 2 hours ago, SonOfJack said:

    Every move the marlins make and don’t make can’t be seen as a dealbreaker

    Saw a guy say if we traded Brian Anderson, that would be it for his fandom, and I said, "Really? THIS would be the trade to do it?"


    He also brought up the idea of trading Anderson unprovoked. Literally no mention of it anywhere, just a gloom n doom fan.

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