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  1. Where the shit is this umpire's strike zone? Yams threw a pitch that was 100% in the zone and called it a ball but his zone against us has been really wide. Called one a strike to Harold that was neck-height.

  2. Why do people keep discounting the fact he was out of the game for 15 or 16 months? And chances are he never faced pitching that was as good as he's facing now on a consistent basis. It's also very possible he finished his time playing baseball in Cuba injured - his final two stints there he played only 40 games.

    If he's still bad middle of next year, then I think we can throw the "bust" tag on him, but shoot it's gonna take time for him to make all these adjustments. And again ... thank goodness this team actually has a plan and is stockpiling talent rather than just saying "we got these two, we're good." The team being successful will not hinge solely on VVM.

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  3. 2 hours ago, Hotcorner said:

    Hopefully he got an earful from the coaches after that baserunning play because it was pretty horrendous.

    Don would probably go, "well ... hey ... that wasn't so good ... yeah ... alright go get em next time."

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