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  1. Running into Shaq is a scary thing.
  2. What I find hilarious is that one of the reasons the death toll has slowed down is our decision to work with a radical Islamic cleric who has declared a ceasefire. If anyone outside of the Bush administration or Fox news even remotely suggested that we should work with the leading radical Islamic cleric, what would they be attacked with? Can there be an acknowledgment that when operating in the field of foreign policy, broad based rhetoric and black and white arguments are absolutely foolish? What bobbob said.
  3. FU, Cam. I don't care who gives us the best chance of winning this year, it's not about this year anymore. It's about the future, asshat.
  4. Derrick Rose was torn between Memphis and IU too. Rose and Gordon would be sick. :confused
  5. With the next 2 games coming up, we will probably start 0-5 this year. Hopefully Wade returns soon so we can get some continuity and get on a run.
  6. Good movie, but I left feeling that I had expected somewhat more overall.
  7. Indiana won their exhibition game to start their season off, 121-76 over North Alabama. Freshman Jordan Crawford (30 points, 10-11 FG) and Eric Gordon (24 points) led the way.
  8. I'm sure Heat fans are really annoying to you on this board. TSwift and TheFan but it's no reason to be dumb in response to their dumbity.I don't even know what I have said that can even be remotely construed as dumb. All I did was say I am not as impressed with the Magic's lineup as their fans are. I haven't made any outrageous claims regarding the Heat. Beef, you need to grow some thicker skin if what I said bothered you.
  9. Antonio Cromartie with a 109-yard FG attempt return for a TD to end the half. Has to be the longest in NFL history; he was literally 2 inches from the back line when he fielded it.
  10. Nobody says the Heat arent going to be good with Wade back, you folks have just been insanely sensitive to talk of any other team. If by me thinking that the Magic fans are overrating their team, like you guys think Heat fans are overrating theirs, then sure, call me 'insanely sensitive'.
  11. We are 2-3 games into an 82 game season and Miami hasn't even had their best player play yet. Let's see how the season plays out.
  12. Offensively, Daequan Cook looks awesome in his debut so far. 7 minutes, 3-3, 6 points. Playing pretty solid defense too.
  13. I just heard something of Hinrich to Sactown, Artest and Gordon to LA and Kobe to Chicago Yeah, I heard that same rumor circulating today, but it also included Tyrus in the deal. Haven't heard it from any 'reliable' source/person though.
  14. Weren't you the one who lost the moderator privilege you so greatly wanted for trolling me? In no way shape or form, I left the board for personal reasons and thus lost my modship because of my extended absence. You didn't factor in, in any way shape or form. Don't flatter yourself. I've never once been reprimanded or told to not troll you by any of the mods.Whatever you say. I know otherwise, but unlike you, I really don't care. I also don't care to continue on this thread with you.
  15. I didn't say take it as fact but you accused me as being a Duke ass kisser which affected my opinion on Deng. I gave you two examples (Slam Magazine, and a guy who played the actual game) who think along the same lines as me. Maybe they are Duke ass kissers too. Who knows. Anyone who doesn't agree with you gets an ad hominem attack. You couldn't even converse with me for one post before turning in to a douche. I've come to expect it though. Is it time for your annual banning for trolling me yet? If it isn't yet, how this thread has started it sure as hell will be. You gave two opinions of that stated Deng had all-star potential. Where did I disagree with that? Better yet, where did those opinions state that he has some 'absurd potential' or anything even REMOTELY close? I guess you could stretch the Slam to meet your opinion, although with the hype they give every single person to ever grace their magazine on any level, I would take that with a grain of salt. On to your second point, I think you need to re-check the thread. I wrote a pretty straightforward opinion to a post, no antagonistic message in it. I don't see where it could be considered douchey at all, but that changed once your typical dbag response came to that post. I also find it funny that you talk about trolling. Weren't you the one who lost the moderator privilege you so greatly wanted for trolling me?
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