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  1. How much did we actually pay him, thats what I hate about the Heat, they never release the $$$ 471388[/snapback] 4yr veterans minimum, $475,000. A true bargain.
  2. Brent Barry was a terrific signing. Manu was signed for what 54 million for 6 years. Rumors were Denver was going to offer some 65 million. Glad to see points per game is the only thing that matters...not assists, not rebounds, not how a player changes the game when he is in the game. You do realize that Manu will get abotu 6.5 million this year right? You totally missed the boat on the points I made. Brent Barry was a good signing, in no way was it terrific. He is not a starter and got a decent contract for what the market value is at 4yrs and 22 million. He is going to be 33 this year and is old and his best days are clearly behind him. He is a decent back-up and role player but Brent Barry and the word terrific should never be associated. As for Manu, what difference does it make if he gets 6.5 mil this year? The life of his contract will escalate yearly and he will make the $54 million. The numbers are not just for show. And if he was so great, he would not have been basically just a 6th man last year. He is a decent team defender, a wild offensive player. He is nothing special and truely not worth $54 million. Rasheed Wallace just got a similar contract I believe, now do you think Manu deserves Rasheed money? I don't know many people that do.
  3. Traded to the Astros for either a player to be named later or cash
  4. nothing special. hopefully he can be useful...but how many clippers have turned into anythign special recently that didnt even start tehre? furthermore...waht were his numbers last year and in previous years? 470516[/snapback] Nothing special? Do you expect every signing to be a blockbuster? Have you seen any Heat fan claim this was a "special" signing? What the Heat got was a quality, young PG who has signed a small, reasonable contract to be a very servicable backup. Why be a downer on this signing? It's easy to be negative, why can't you congratualte the Heat on a quality signing of a decent player to replace Rafer Alston instead of the negativity you are spewing. You claim Manu and Brent Barry were terrific signings. What makes Manu such a great bargain? I think the Spurs heavily overpaid for him and if I were the Spurs, i would have let Denver do that. Do you really think a 28yr old SG coming off a year in which he was basically a 6th man and holds a career average of 10ppg is worth almost 10 million per year? Neither do I!
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