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  1. better do something and not leave em loaded!
  2. I only see 3 people now, don't know if there's more. Anyway, we better score now!...not leave anyone on base
  3. Why is it that at the bottom of the thread here it says only 1 member is viewing this thread and I only see my name, but apparently there's more than just me here? :blink: No, it's happening to me too lol
  4. I'll be watching at home but I can't wait to be at another game SOON. Let's make this another win tonight! Go Marlins!
  5. Welcome back, it's good to see there are still others from back in the day here. I just signed back in today, haven't been here for around 5 or 6 years...
  6. passed it last year with a 4.5
  7. :balloons happy birthday miri! have a great day! :thumbup :balloons
  8. i'll be there saturday for sure 443 row 4, as usual
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