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  1. Yep, I got it installed this weekend..I like having my tracks scrobbled from my phone now, instead of just from my PC..
  2. If they're on your iPod still, go get iPod2PC and hook up your iPod to your new laptop. It'll copy all of them over for you.
  3. Yeah, if you don't want graphic, don't read.. Anyway, that's messed up..Some people are just really messed up that way..
  4. I hope your day is horrible.. But nevertheless, Happy Birthday! :cheers
  5. I had like 10 of my friends over and we just roamed my neighborhood..It was pretty fun.
  6. I use Intervideo WinDVD, and that has support for actual mpeg files as well..It is not free, but if you wanna give it a shot, PM me cause I got the hookup on all that stuff fo' free! If you bought it off iTunes though, it probobly is protected, meaning you may not be able to burn it using this program. If that's the case, I could ATTEMPT to find a MPEG protection cracker, but that's not very likely because I havn't seen one around lately..If you want mroe help, PM me (I hope it emails me when I get a PM because I havn't come by here in a while..) and I'll help ya.. Good luck!
  7. When I lived down there, those wings were the stuff! I set a record among my friends for wing-eating there..God I loved that place..
  8. If that kid was as skinny as the rest of us, he/she would be dead. America's obesity saves another child.. God Bless America.
  9. that kid was freakin out haha!! the woman was pretty crazy for laughin at him the whole time..
  10. If I still lived down there in Weston, I'd head over there and do that..I've always wanted to try shooting a gun..
  11. Wow, that's an unlucky injury record.. Luckily, the worst I've ever done is fracture my thumb playing football..Jammed it in and cracked a piece of the bone off in the "socket" area..Plus a few sprains here and there..
  12. I can only assume Admin does not want to sacrifice his standing as a non-profit Marlin's fan site. Maybe some issues could arise. That, and ads suck..
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