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  1. Jacobs: C- Uggla: B+ Hanley: A Cantu: B+ Treanor/Rabelo: D Hermida: C Ross: C+ Hammerham: B Gonzo: C+ Olsen: B+ Nolaso: B+ Miller: D+ Hendrickson: D+ Gregg: C Jorge Julio: A+
  2. I just bought my tickets for Coheed and Cambria. they are playing Revolution on August 6. I'm super stoked for this show. the last two times I tried to see them something happened that prevented it. the first time the show got cancelled due to hurricane wilma, the 2nd time was last year's warped tour. they were the last band to play that night and the group of people I was with wanted to all leave early. I had to leave because I was their ride and didnt want to be a complete dick to them. I want to be there so badly, but I've got classes at UF until the 8th!
  3. There's no better way to open an All-Star game than with some good ole Hanley.
  4. Real guitar is so much funnerer. Guitar hero is fun and all, but I don't know how you can play that for 5 hours. As both a real guitar and Guitar Hero/Rock Band player, I can play the fake versions for 5 hours when I first get them. Certainly when you first get them, it's just that playing the same guitar hero song over and over again gets old fast. It'd be a lot cooler if they made the damn game so you could import songs like Frets on Fire.
  5. It is modded and I think someone created it in a level design program or something like that. I read it took him 6 months to create.This version with the music is of someone else's creation I believe. There is a version with just the game sounds if I'm correct. I really don't know, the whole thing is just mind-boggling to me. It's a good thing he spent a whole 6 months programming it, because it's certainly valuable enough to warrant spending 6 months of your life on. I mean, look at the ways you can use this program you can...... watch mario and.....
  6. I'm not that big of a fan of the younger Dylan, even less so now that I've seen Anakin in that video.
  7. I have too many posts in almost 4 years. I'm weird.
  8. Cheeze-It. Las Olas or South Beach? (right from the Panthers games )
  9. That child is obviously the anti-christ.
  10. Holy mother of smackitude, tonight is going to fun.
  11. Cantu clearly isn't working out for us. Time to try something new.
  12. Gregg just needs to keep up his recent improvement in the second half and we're in this race to the end.
  13. With the way Miller has been pitching, there's a spot in the rotation with Anibal's name on it when he comes back. Miller wasn't ready, and if he spent much of the year at AA, he would be coming up now or later and actually be pitching well. Instead he was rushed.
  14. Who the heck would've thought we'd be above .500 and in the thick of the division race with Trelle and Cabrera gone? Not me.
  15. Favre is apparently trying to ruin his legacy, what a weirdo.
  16. Can you imagine how many more home runs they'd have if they played at Citizens Bank Park? Then again, can you imagine our pitchers' ERA if they played at Citizens Bank Park? :swoon It's ridiculous the credit the media gives Howard and Utley's homerun totals without any regards to the ball disparity.
  17. Miller should be great. It's all up to how Maybin pans out if the trade was worth or not IMO.
  18. It's gonna get crowded when Anibal gets back... Not to mention Mitre isn't going to be gone forever. We're going to be stacked at starting pitcher before too long.
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