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  1. Anybody know Lo Duca's walk-up song?
  2. How can you say that about choi, the next president of the United States?
  3. why is it so hard to beat the expos, but easy to sweep the phillies?
  4. Miguel, and his 96's RBI's.
  5. Victor Martinez will be the best catcher in the MLB in a few years.
  6. Melvin Mora, and he's better than A-rod.
  7. Melvin Mora, and he's better than A-rod.
  8. Manny, even if Bonds is in the poll.
  9. After Ramon Castro, the best player of all-time is Cal. Nobody else can play every game for that many years.
  10. Sidney Ponson. :happydance
  11. I just got back from Alabama and my team is complelty different. I was just wondering how long we have these players, expecailly Lo Duca.
  12. We need to beat easy teams- like Arizonia
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