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  1. I was not allowed to create a topic, but I was wondering are there signature limits? I feel like lately they are WAY to big and half the page is scrolling through signatures for one line responses... We used to have specific guidelines (I like 400 pixels and two lines of text, or something along those lines...) but I can't find them at the moment. You're right though - it would be nice if people were courteous and kept them managable. If you want to skip them altogether, you can select the "Games" skin at the bottom of the page, if that helps. EDIT: I also split the topic so it has its o
  2. Oh the differences in organizations...where Gregg is a low cost option to them, he'd be one of our higher paid players (if my memory is accurate). Probably - his $2.5 million salary this year was the highest on the team (except for Lo Duca's $5 million but I don't think we paid more than 2.5).
  3. ahahahah I found out he changed his name from Cocobelli to Coco what a bad childhood he mus of had His name is Covelli.
  4. Are Yankee fans as embarrassed by The Boss's little boy as they should be? Yes.
  5. why did my message sent 2 times? :confused Fixed now. :thumbup
  6. So much for holding him back to stop his arbitration clock... but with an injury it seems necessary anyways.
  7. Restko was traded in the offseason. I believe to the Rangers Right - he's with the Bakersfield Blaze.
  8. A bloated program only gets worse.
  9. Leading Off for the Yankees ... Billy Crystal Mar 13, 10:32 AM (ET) TAMPA, Fla. (AP) -No joke: Billy Crystal is leading off for the New York Yankees. The comedian was put in the top spot for Thursday's exhibition game, listed as the designated hitter against the Pittsburgh Pirates. Wearing No. 60, Crystal got his chance a day before his 60th birthday. A lifelong Yankees fan, the righty was set to face Pirates left-hander Paul Maholm. Derek Jeter followed Crystal in the lineup, with Alex Rodriguez, Bobby Abreu and Robinson Cano among the other regulars also playing. Johnny D
  10. This time, it's the groin: http://mlb.mlb.com/news/article.jsp?ymd=20...sp&c_id=mlb
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