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  1. I have a silly question...:plain Why do they win the East? If the Sox win tomorrow, they'd be tied for the division. Wouldnt they have to play Monday to determine who wins it? :confused It goes to head to head matchups, where the yankees would win.
  2. MasterChief


    Her niece is gorgeous.
  3. Thats Horrible News. May she Rest In Peace.
  4. I'm a little late but how about matthew broderick playing Greg Maddux? maybe its just me :confused
  5. Like Seriously, I had a nightmare last night with this guy after seeing his picture here. He was really fast and a cannibal, so he kept trying to bite everyone. Rather scary..and sad. :(
  6. Sheff's two HR in one inning in 1997 Beckett's CG SHO against the cubs in the NLCS
  7. Elisha. [snapback]673041[/snapback] ditto.
  8. Walcott. [snapback]657755[/snapback] ditto.
  9. Congrats. All I have are nieces... Girls have cooties. [snapback]655567[/snapback] same here, 3 of them. Congrats.
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