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  1. Where have you been, man? There's been no one to rile up the masses. Good to see that your back and spittin fire. 775350[/snapback] I am happy to see someone missed me. Certain mods...webmasters...and other with high post counts decided to enforce a rule or two on me that they don't on everyone. Its okay, they want to be slick and sly they can be. 775352[/snapback] so its ok to say niqqer? 775356[/snapback] I think that is better than the actual word which was said by a number of people on these boards. I am pretty sure you dropped an N-bomb if I remember right, as well as a w*****k comment. Until recently you could have entered the word in the search feature and the posts would have come up. Most of them have been removed now after I brought it to Admin's attention of the seemingly double standard.
  2. Admin Vanover has one of the bigger strike zones in the game, I was more surprised that he seemed to squeeze pitchers a couple times.
  3. After being swept, it must be nice for the other guys on the staff to see that their fifth starter comes up and opens a three game series with a W. I think it's easier on the staff? when the less established player can step up and change the tempo of recent games. 775351[/snapback] Its always good when you have a stopper. If I was Al I would begin to get a bit sick in the stomach if he doesn't continue with the pitching of his last start once Ish starts to heal, or vouch for a trade to the Yanks or Sawx, lord knows those two will take any pitcher they can get there hands on come July.
  4. Where have you been, man? There's been no one to rile up the masses. Good to see that your back and spittin fire. 775350[/snapback] I am happy to see someone missed me. Certain mods...webmasters...and other with high post counts decided to enforce a rule or two on me that they don't on everyone. Its okay, they want to be slick and sly they can be.
  5. I think his major problem is is that he is not a strike out guy. However to his credit so far this year he has his best K/9 ratio of his career so far, 5.3 Ks/per 9. So he lets guys put their bats on the ball. And he induces just as many grounders as he does fly balls (A 1.12 G/F ratio). In my mind I liken him to Danny Kolb, just a starter. Right now its working, but on days he is off, watch out. That is all that I worry about with him right now, has to keep his location. Then again he is our #5 so no major pressure.
  6. Jack seems to be very old school. Now I am not quite as old as him, but I think back in the day using defensive replacements and the sort was not the norm. I mean looking around the league today you see that stuff on a normal basis, just not with the Fish. I think it may be more Jack is a throwback rather than him not trusting the bench. Either way, Harris is there just for his left handed bat and that is fine with me. He is usually the first off the bench to PH anyway. Its not like Jack burns through 1 or 2 guys before getting to Harris anyway, putting him in a position he might need to use Harris in the field. I mean you are only going to pinch hit 1-2, 3 at the most times in a 9 inning game that you are competitive in. If a game goes 15+ innings, then everything is thrown out the window anyway.
  7. 5 starts, 3 quality starts, and the other 2 were not quality starts because he did not go long enough. His ERA is pretty solid, hovering right around 2. Has a winning record. And his arm strength seems to be on the up, able to pitch more and more. Before he moved from the AL he was pretty solid considering the team he was throwing for. It was after his shoulder injury he lost it. And sat out of the majors last year. Think he can keep it up since he is now healed?
  8. Looking things up real quick I think they decide 3 years in advance so the first year that is open is 2008.
  9. PhishPhan, that's happened twice. Doesn't the lack of any defensive value negate that? 775327[/snapback] Well when that happens he doesn't stay in the game anyway. And usually he PHs for the pitcher so he normally doesn't need to fill a defensive spot. If need be he can play LF, or one of the IF corners. But we are lucky to have a few pieces that play a number of defensive spots. And its not like Jack really ever uses defensive replacements anyway. I mean I think putting Steve in for Delgado in the 9th once in a while wouldn't kill anyone. Harris can be a defensive liability because we have Aguila, Conine, Easley who can play defense quite well. If you got 'em smoke 'em. And Lenny has never made an error while in a Marlins' uniform, so I don't know what your problem is with his defense. BTW, he has played 82 innings in the field at an assortment of positions as a Marlin so far.
  10. Thank Dontrelle Willis. 775035[/snapback] And the young superstar, Miguel Cabrera. 775068[/snapback] No. Pretty much all the press is going to Dontrelle. At any rate, who gives a damn about media coverage. It doesn't win us games, so who cares? 775319[/snapback] Well what I find funny is that it is the same ESPN people many people bash most of the time for being stoopid about what they cover that is giving the Marlins attention. So they are stoopid for covering the Yanks and Sawx, but NOT when they cover the Marlins, I get it now. Personally, I can't believe there is hardly any press on the once distant last place D'Backs from last year compared to their fiesty team this year so far.
  11. Why can't MLB gurantee an All Star game or something? 775317[/snapback] That would open the door for teams to ask for similar favors in the future and then if MLB doesn't shell out then you'll get the "Well you did it for them..." spat going on. Plus how many years in advance do they decide the all-star game anyway?
  12. Its not just his numbers even when he doesn't get an AB he has an effect on the game. Teams have "respected" him and when Jack subs him in teams will change their pitchers letting Jack get the righty hitter-lefty pitcher matchup he really wanted. Its happened a couple of times this year. One reason we needed a lefty on the bench.
  13. MLB, UGH my frustrations with MLB. Why do they have to set up a deadline? Are they going to actively try and move the Marlins if they dont get it done by June 9? Are they basically saying if its not done by June 9th, MLB is done in S. Fla? I dont get it. 775282[/snapback] Well from what DuPuy reportedly said it sounds like MLB is not happy the Marlins get a lot of the revenue sharing dollars and just flirt with the idea of getting a new stadium. He says that the Marlins will not survive in DS nor without a roof. Maybe after the date MLB sets, Loria, DuPuy, and Selig will all sit down to have a talk. Hell since they are all chummy maybe Henry will stop by and they'll drink some and party and remember when they pulled one over the rest of the MLB.
  14. Its a shame, this guy has skills, Marlins fans should know that.
  15. One other thing, why is it that everytime we face a former Marlin they destroy us in some way or another? 774628[/snapback] I think that would be because most former Marlins that are still in the league generally aren't Marlins anymore because we could not afford them anymore because they got to be so good.
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