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  1. Teaching intelligent design in a science class isn't right. It's not science. Scientific theories are devised using the scientific method; intelligent design was not. Sure evolution is just a theory. But it is the best explination we have right now. There are plenty of other theories taught in science classes because they were devised scientifically and are the best explinations. So why not propose teaching alternatives to other theories? That's right - they don't come into conflict with Christian dogma. Teaching intelligent design in a science class is not only wrong because it isn't sc
  2. Good signing for you guys. I really like Leiter. He's a great commentator.
  3. Last season's payroll was the same as 2003's. We lost the ridiculous contracts of Dean Palmer, Steve Sparks, Craig Paquette, Shane Halter and other bums. This offseason, we are done paying Damion Easley his absurd salary to play for you guys, and also Matt Anderson and Danny Patterson, 2 worthless relief pitchers making over 6 million combined, have their contracts leave the books. In order to sign people this offseason, we will probably have to raise payroll. But we lose a lot of contracts next season, Bobby Higginson (finally!), Ugueth Urbina, Rondell White, Jason Johnson, Fernando Vin
  4. http://www.freep.com/sports/tigers/tigers4e_20041204.htm Pavano's agent denied that that was the true offer, although he said the team did make an opening offer.
  5. maybe because that's the way society dictates it should be? do you ever give any value to tradition, moral values, history? they might not have any value in the academic world of black and white, but in the real world the are slightly more important. 624615[/snapback] I love how bigots defend their views by claiming that being against gays is having some superior kind of moral values than the rest of the world. These sad, closed-minded, insecure people crack me up. If everything was decided by "tradition" there would never be any social change in this world. I mean do you believe slaver
  6. tigersfan1

    Fox gets BCS

    I don't like this. FOX will ruin the broadcasts just like they've ruined baseball broadcasts on their channel.
  7. Too harsh. I'm just gonna say it. Black guy beating up a white guy. That's how things go in the court of law; and apparently it goes just so on the court of basketball. I don't want to make Artest out to be a martyr either, cause he's mostly just an idiot. But the more I think about it, the more sure I am that this penalty was ridiculous. 620048[/snapback] It has nothing to do with race. Everybody who says so is a bigot. It has to do with Artest's past, him going into the crowd and attacking innocent fans. Nice job by the NBA but I would have kicked him out of the league for
  8. Jackson should've got more I mean he wasn't really provoked to go up there in the first place! 619507[/snapback] helpin out his teammate...i got pumped up when i saw it 619509[/snapback] So classless... He broke the rules by going up into the stands unprovoked and assaulted fans. He deserves all of the suspensions, criminal charges and lawsuits he will get. It's not about your entertainment, you sick person, it's about protecting fans from psychos like Jackson and Artest.
  9. Amen, DetroitWhat. I can't believe we have so many people in this world that thinks it's okay to take justice into your own hands. Artest got hit with a cup. His life wasn't in danger. If he would have restrained himself and let authorities handle it, none of this would have happen. Instead, he chose to go into the crowd and attack an innocent fan, setting off a riot. He deserves to suffer the consequences of his actions. It's not about the playoffs, it's about punishing despicable player behavior. I can't believe there are so many shallow people that all they care about is the playoffs
  10. This is very disturbing to hear. I don't think this is right at all. Don't be a pharmacist if it goes against your morals because it's wrong to deny people their prescriptions.
  11. Agreed, this poll is unnecessary. It's not going to accomplish anything.
  12. Liberals cant win in the south if they make stereotypes about southern people and show disgust towards them. :thumbdown 611800[/snapback] No, democrats can't win in the south because southerners vote mostly on social issues Yeah, Democrats are wrong and immoral on these, period, but I really wish people who vote Republican would vote Republican for other reasons. 611911[/snapback] Democrats aren't wrong and immoral on those issues, period. That's an opinion. Lots of people actually agree with them on their stances (me included). And let's face it, these are issues that the church
  13. Bush can't run for re-election in 08. 608088[/snapback] Thank God! That's the only positive I see here.
  14. Three words: You can't vote. :plain 607916[/snapback] So, its the last time. There's definatly something wrong with the Democrats when Bush completely sweeps the entire south. 607924[/snapback] I really don't think it's something that's wrong with the democratic party. It's that the southern states are dominated by the religious right which voted for Bush mostly because he shares their anti-gay and pro-life views.
  15. I actually don't think it's that impressive. A lot of the areas highlighted in blue are where the majority of the population is concentrated, the bigger cities which tend to be more liberal than the rural areas. Putting up this map overstates how much of the country's support Bush has because a lot of the counties he won were lesser populated areas. (And I know he got more votes than Kerry, so don't throw that in my face.)
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