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  1. I think I was more mad about Miguel Cabrera coming in 5th instead of 4th than I was about Pujols beating out Jones. I seriously thought that it was like for sure going to be Andruw....I never even considered that Pujols would win...but I dont think there is reason to really get mad about it...because Pujols has been so good the past few seasons...he deserves it
  2. on the Reservoir Dogs DVD...i believe its the 10 year special edition or something like that....but anyways....one of the special features was this thing called "Reservoir Dolls" :confused Well...it was just about the funniest thing Ive ever seen in my life...it was a little puppet show of the Michael Madsen scene where Mr. Blonde does his little dance and chops of the cops ear. In the upper left corner they played the real clip from the film...but its freakin hillarious...they have the music playing and everything. I mean...its sick to say anything like that is funny...but I was dying!!! I just wanted to know if anyone else has ever seen that...and to tell anyone who hasnt...to go out and find it...cause it was great!
  3. The Goonies....then Major League
  4. Its so hard...cause Im such a movie freak...but since I can watch Tommy Boy a million times and still laugh the entire time...it has to be my number 1 then i guess id go with The Princess Bride or the Goonies or the Sandlot or Willow :whistle Sorry...but its impossible for me to name just 2
  5. I LOVE the high socks! I was so pumped when I turned the game on. I think they look dumb with the pants down!!!
  6. 860906[/snapback] :thumbup 861144[/snapback] Does anybody remember the time he got thrown out of a game and came back in the dugout wearing a disguise??!!!?! :lol I cant even remember anything else about the situation...I just remember he looked freakin hillarious!!! 861156[/snapback] 861159[/snapback] :lol :lol :thumbup GOOD STUFF!!! thanks!! :disguise
  7. 860906[/snapback] :thumbup 861144[/snapback] Does anybody remember the time he got thrown out of a game and came back in the dugout wearing a disguise??!!!?! :lol I cant even remember anything else about the situation...I just remember he looked freakin hillarious!!!
  8. Saw it today....I dunno...I was never a big fan of the first one...cause i thought Charlie Bucket was the MOST ANNOYING kid on earth...but I knew that little dude from Finding Neverland was Charlie...so I was pretty pumped about seeing it. I thought all the little kids were really good. I hated that the Oopma Loompas didnt sing the Oopma Loopma song!!! I really really hated how different they were. I liked Johnny Depp...I thought he was good...but I didnt like how fake some of it looked. There were some parts that just looked so fake...and I hate it when they do that in movies. But since I didnt really like the first one....You probably shouldnt take my opinion to seriously. :confused
  9. When you have the Marlins entire schedule (spring training and regular season) on every calendar you have. :thumbup When you cry after a regular season loss When you refer to the color of your Prom dress as...Florida Marlins Teal :lol When you watch Baseball Tonight...Sportscenter...AND the ESPN News channel to see the hightlights of the Marlins game that you just watched and taped
  10. MarlinsChic24

    HR Derby

    why the hell is pudge in over delgado??? 841813[/snapback] Because Pudge plays for Detroit, and the ASG was in, you guessed it... 843519[/snapback] Well not only that...but I always assumed that you had to be on one of the All-Star teams to participate in the Home Run Derby. Maybe Im wrong..if I am...someone correct me....thats just something I always assumed.
  11. YES!!!!!!! NO JETER!!!!!! I bet Matsui and Jeter took votes away from each other. 843504[/snapback] Of course they did!! Thats what I was hoping would happen...I hate those freaking Yankees!!...especially Jeter!!
  12. MarlinsChic24

    HR Derby

    Yea...Abreu does really deserve it...but its just a shame that they had to do it like this...i think its really gay....id like to boycott it to show my dissapointment in this format...but Im pretty sure ill get stuck watching it since my boyfriends favorite guy is in there...Jason Bay :confused I knew Miguel wouldnt be in there as soon as I heard on Fox Sports Pittsburgh that Jason Bay was going to be in the Home Run Derby representing Canada....i figured right away if they were doing it like that ...then Abreu would represent Venezuela over Cabrera....it makes sense. Thats not the one you should be mad about...some of those other ones really are messed up
  13. I picked Batman Begins because I havent walked out of the movie theatre that pumped up for along time.....but Ive seen alot of great movies this year.... Sin City would be my second favorite then Cinderella Man then Million Dollar Baby...which might have been released in 2004..im not sure...but our theatre didnt get it for a long long time...but it was really good
  14. Okay..so me and my boyfriend Zach and 2 of our friends went to PNC tonight...well last night...Tuesday night...whatever....to see the Pirates and Orioles. I thought that my experience last week was awesome when Todd Jones gave me a ball and then Miguel Cabrera waved and smiled at me....but it was NOTHING compared to Zachs When we got to the game, we went out to left field to try to catch some of the bombs Tejada and Sosa were hitting....well....Zach takes his hat off and leans over the left field wall to reach for this one ball thats gonna bounce of the wall...and he FLIPS OVER the wall.....yes...FLIPS..lol!! I tried to grab him by the shirt..but his feet were already straight up in the air!! so he falls over...and lands on his head!!! lol...i got really scared..then he got up and i just started dying laughing!...as did everyone else in the stands!! To make matters worse...a whole bunch of his friends from school that were there saw it...knew exactly who it was...and came running over to make fun of him while the security guards are talking to him. I guess the security guys realized it was an accident though..so they didnt kick him out...but as they were escorting him off the field...people along the wall were reaching over to give him high fives...and one of the dudes from the Orioles that was shagging balls comes over to him and says...."Dude it was a nice try.....really....it was".........But...he didnt even get the ball....the security guard comes over and picks it up...and im leaning over asking for it...it only seemed fair that he gets the ball...but the dude gives it to some little kid instead!! but it worked out okay..cause Zach got to be ON PNC field...(lol...he had warning track dirt ALL OVER HIM)..and he ended up getting a ball anyways...when he caught one Tike Redman threw up in the stands. Oh...and the Pirates came back in incredible fashion!!! We were sitting right next to the hedges where Daryl Ward hit the 3 run homer...and we were going NUTS!! Overall i think I had alot more fun at this one that at the last one...cause the last one i was crying cause the Fish lost!!! I just had to post this cause im gonna be telling everyone else i know in the world!! :lol
  15. WOW!! Some of those really tick me off...wow...Nomar...Griffey...what the heck is wrong with these people!! I would even take Jason Bay over Beltran and Griffey...but Miguel is definitey more deserving than all 3 of them! And what about Bobby Abreu?? how can the cubs fans get nomar in there but not DLee
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