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  1. from suck mode to tease mode, but the same story as usual, I think yesterdays win was more of a "just cause" win *shrugs* there's just no hope for this team this year.
  2. Swept by a garbage team with overrated semi-stars Embarrassing How dare you call Mark Kotsay overrated. Watch your mouth out... Hmm?
  3. Swept by a garbage team with overrated semi-stars Embarrassing
  4. Different sport same outcome :/
  5. Hmm...Who should I blame for this one? Tough one. The team, same thing happened with the Dodgers, Reds and now tonights game, its just the SSDD.
  6. Im happy for cody, his reaction was priceless.
  7. Congrats to the giants, well deserved championship, great rotation along with a solid lineup(that finally showed up in the postseason)
  8. Jerry Meals should not ump a playoff game, he gets too caught up with the home crowd noise.
  9. I seriously thought those were the bengals out there choking under the playoff pressure. phillies and braves with 2 pixie dust wins.
  10. Lincecum vs Roy would be a great match up for game 1 of the NLCS
  11. wow, the reds looked terrible. first playoff game in 15 years, and you fail to get a hit? Maybe it's because they faced ROY HALLADAY. Cincinnati continues their trend of losing when it matters, nice game by roy though, sucks that we have to face him for the next 4-5 years.
  12. Damn, if only we still had all of these players, we'd SO be in the Playoffs!! I guess an NFL team should sign trent dilfer...... superbowl!
  13. Happy Birthday Ryan, hope you have/had a good day
  14. DTrainFan

    Nfl free agency

    nice day of Free Agent signings for the steelers, this means no taylor mays in the draft, thank god.
  15. Whether or not wade stays or goes is decided if they make a move now or early FA.
  16. World Series Number 28 here they come You realize Winn is a considerable downgrade from Damon, right? This is a serious head-scratching move for the Yankees. They still have a great team, but Randy Winn is not going to be the reason... Actually an upgrade over Brett Gardner
  17. AFC Wild-card Weekend Jan. 9-10 5. New York Jets (9-7) at 4. Cincinnati Bengals (10-6) Paul Brown Stadium, Jan. 9, 4:30 p.m. ET, NBC 6. Baltimore Ravens (9-7) at 3. New England Patriots (10-6) Gillette Stadium, Jan. 10, 1 p.m. ET, CBS Divisional Round Jan. 16-17 3. New England Patriots at 2. San Diego Chargers (13-3) Qualcomm Stadium 5. New York Jets at 1. Indianapolis Colts (14-2) Lucas Oil Stadium Conference Championship Jan. 24 2. San Diego Chargers at Indianapolis Colts NFC Wild-card Weekend Jan. 9-10 6. Philadelphia Eagles (11-5) at 3. Dallas Cowboys (11-5) Cowboys Stadium, Jan. 9, 8 p.m. ET, NBC 5. Green Bay Packers (11-5) at 4. Arizona Cardinals (10-6) Univ. of Phoenix Stadium, Jan. 10, 4:40 p.m. ET, Fox Divisional Round Jan. 16-17 4. Arizona Cardinals at 2. Minnesota Vikings (12-4) Metrodome 6. Philadelphia Eagles at 1. New Orleans Saints (13-3) Louisiana Superdome Conference Championship Jan. 24 2. Minnesota Vikings at 1. New Orleans Saints Super Bowl XLIV Feb. 7 Indianapolis Colts vs. New Orleans Saints WC=2 + D=6 + C=8 + SB=0 Total= 16
  18. So after 17 weeks, and 256 games, 3 people have exactly the same score. Weird.... hmm, so changing my pick from TB to Atlanta was a good idea. what a competitive season of Pickem.
  19. New England at Houston (1:00 PM) Indianapolis at Buffalo (1:00 PM) Cincinnati at N.Y. Jets (1:00 PM) New Orleans at Carolina (1:00 PM) Philadelphia at Dallas (1:00 PM) San Francisco at St. Louis (1:00 PM) Pittsburgh at Miami (1:00 PM) Jacksonville at Cleveland (1:00 PM) Atlanta at Tampa Bay (1:00 PM) Chicago at Detroit (1:00 PM) N.Y. Giants at Minnesota (1:00 PM) Baltimore at Oakland (4:15 PM) Washington at San Diego (4:15 PM) Green Bay at Arizona (4:15 PM) Kansas City at Denver (4:15 PM) Tennessee at Seattle (4:15 PM) 11-5
  20. San Diego at Tennessee (7:30 PM) Sunday, December 27 Houston at Miami (1:00 PM) Seattle at Green Bay (1:00 PM) Oakland at Cleveland (1:00 PM) Tampa Bay at New Orleans (1:00 PM) Baltimore at Pittsburgh (1:00 PM) Jacksonville at New England (1:00 PM) Kansas City at Cincinnati (1:00 PM) Carolina at N.Y. Giants (1:00 PM) Buffalo at Atlanta (1:00 PM) Detroit at San Francisco (4:05 PM) St. Louis at Arizona (4:05 PM) N.Y. Jets at Indianapolis (4:15 PM) Denver at Philadelphia (4:15 PM) Dallas at Washington(8:20 PM) Monday, December 28 Minnesota at Chicago (8:20 PM) 11-5
  21. Looks like my lead is gone for the first time this year. DTrainFan is ahead by 1 with my calculations, with 3 of us tied just behind. Will be an exciting last few weeks. If I end up losing by 1 I'll be kicking myself that I shouldn't have admitted I got an extra point. it'll probably come down to an upset pick. i tried the bears this week, but cutler said no.
  22. Indianapolis at Jacksonville (8:20 PM) Saturday, December 19 Dallas at New Orleans (8:20 PM) Sunday, December 20 Cleveland at Kansas City (1:00 PM) Houston at St. Louis (1:00 PM) Miami at Tennessee (1:00 PM) Arizona at Detroit (1:00 PM) Atlanta at N.Y. Jets (1:00 PM) New England at Buffalo (1:00 PM) Chicago at Baltimore (1:00 PM) San Francisco at Philadelphia (1:00 PM) Cincinnati at San Diego (4:05 PM) Oakland at Denver (4:05 PM) Green Bay at Pittsburgh (4:15 PM) Tampa Bay at Seattle (4:15 PM) Minnesota at Carolina (8:20 PM) Monday, December 21 N.Y. Giants at Washington (8:30 PM) 10-6
  23. Pittsburgh at Cleveland (8:20 PM) Sunday, December 13 Cincinnati at Minnesota (1:00 PM) N.Y. Jets at Tampa Bay (1:00 PM) Buffalo at Kansas City (1:00 PM) Miami at Jacksonville (1:00 PM) Denver at Indianapolis (1:00 PM) Detroit at Baltimore (1:00 PM) Green Bay at Chicago (1:00 PM) New Orleans at Atlanta (1:00 PM) Seattle at Houston (1:00 PM) Carolina at New England (1:00 PM) St. Louis at Tennessee (4:05 PM) Washington at Oakland (4:05 PM) San Diego at Dallas (4:15 PM) Philadelphia at N.Y. Giants (8:20 PM) Monday, December 14 Arizona at San Francisco (8:30 PM) 11-5
  24. N.Y. Jets at Buffalo (8:20 PM) Sunday, December 6 New England at Miami (1:00 PM) Tennessee at Indianapolis (1:00 PM) Philadelphia at Atlanta (1:00 PM) Denver at Kansas City (1:00 PM) Houston at Jacksonville (1:00 PM) Oakland at Pittsburgh (1:00 PM) Tampa Bay at Carolina (1:00 PM) New Orleans at Washington (1:00 PM) Detroit at Cincinnati (1:00 PM) St. Louis at Chicago (1:00 PM) San Diego at Cleveland (4:05 PM) Dallas at N.Y. Giants (4:15 PM) San Francisco at Seattle (4:15 PM) Minnesota at Arizona (8:20 PM) Monday, December 7 Baltimore at Green Bay (8:30 PM) 12-4
  25. Thursday, November 26 Green Bay at Detroit (12:30 PM) Oakland at Dallas (4:15 PM) N.Y. Giants at Denver (8:20 PM) Sunday, November 29 Tampa Bay at Atlanta (1:00 PM) Miami at Buffalo (1:00 PM) Seattle at St. Louis (1:00 PM) Cleveland at Cincinnati (1:00 PM) Washington at Philadelphia (1:00 PM) Carolina at N.Y. Jets (1:00 PM) Indianapolis at Houston (1:00 PM) Jacksonville at San Francisco (4:05 PM) Kansas City at San Diego (4:05 PM) Chicago at Minnesota (4:15 PM) Arizona at Tennessee (4:15 PM) Pittsburgh at Baltimore (8:20 PM) Monday, November 30 New England at New Orleans (8:30 PM) 12-4
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