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  1. we should play gload every day at first and move cantu to third. that way we can bat gload 2nd.
  2. Miller hasn't even turned 24 yet. Ok, but right now, he's a scrub. He hasn't proved that he belongs. When he does, if he does, will be great. But as of right now, he hasn't taken advantage of his opportunities. Although he has shown flashes, he is very inconsistent. I'm not saying that he will never amount to anything. But he needs to find himself in the minors. he's had what? 2 starts? and he's actually competed in both of them. i see a guy who's starting to figure it out. i mean, if we are going to talk about struggling, we might as well send ricky down.
  3. 1997: I was in my room at my parents old house in Hialeah Gardens, by myself, watching the game with religious intensity. 2003: I was at Gracie's grill at FIU, pounding a bottle of rum that I managed to snick in. That was just a great time, watching the fish embarrass the Yankees.
  4. I like Fredi myself. He's a local guy, we are both Cuban and I truly want to see him succeed. However, while I feel he can be a successful big league manager, I don't think he is the right fit for this team. The Marlins are a young team that need leadership and character. They need a guiding voice that keeps them in their toes and pulls their ears whenever they step out of line, and Fredi is simply not that guy. He's a players manager, and that's ok when you have a core group of veterans that go about their business everyday and don't need to be reminded of it. But you can't be a players m
  5. I just wanted to get a feel for what the board thought of Fredi this far. Fire away with your opinions of his game managing skills, how he handles players and everything else you can think for.
  6. marlins2003, that is fine and dandy. is his money, he gives it away to whoever he wants. it may have been 10 years ago, who knows, and frankly, who cares. but he's the owner of a professional team, what do you think are his obligations as owner of this franchise, and do you find it acceptable for him to run the team the way he does?
  7. Marlins and '03 make some valid points. In fact, it is difficult to even attempt to formulate a counter argument to what they are saying. what they fail to see though it is the owner's role in all of this. If the team does not make enough money to invest in a new stadium and to put a winning product out there then the owner must find ways to generate the money. You can't sit back, slash the budget and wait for money to fall off the skies, because it is never going to happen, and that's where this ownership has failed. In business you take risks to make money, no matter how calculated they are.
  8. as long as he goes 2 for 3 with a homer and two walks he can go out and drink and gain weight and make 20 errors in third base. there's nothing wrong with that.
  9. is o'reilley really a conservative. or just a religious moralist. because politically and fiscally he seems to be far from it.
  10. by that list it seems that being a repubican automatically makes you a conservative. pat buchanan should be much higher.
  11. Is this the first disciminatory tax in history? I may be wrong, but isn't a good chunk of the new Marlins stadium coming from TOURIST tax money, which is even more counterintuitive economically than a tobacco tax? What about taxes on alcohol taxes? Porn taxes(not that I have extensive knowledge of this or anything)? Regardless, even if it was a general tax, vetoing it is really dumb. Sure, let's keep giving the government more money, they really manage it well.
  12. Jeff, When I came to this country it was hard to root for any team, for there I had no connection to anything that had to do with American baseball. I had always followed the game like a religion, but there was an emptiness. It was the way you played the game and how proudly you wore the teal and black that made me a Marlins fan. Thank you for the memories, Joey Oliva
  13. we all engage in activities that are harmful to our health, yet smoking, something that to the contrary i find to be rather healthy, is the one that gets targeted. :blink: Did I read that right? You think smoking is HEALTHY? yes. I think that when I'm on the palmetto at 5 pm in the afternoon, in the middle of very stressful bumper to bumper traffic, with people honking at, cutting off and flicking each other in the middle of south florida's summer it is very healthy to pull out a cigar and relax. believe me, stress will kill you a lot faster than any cigar would.
  14. DVH is absolutely delightful as a baseball radio guy.
  15. $35 billion over 5 years for lower-middle class child health care in comparison to the $190 billion requested for the next year in Iraq? Is there something I'm missing here? Yep, the fact that it will be funded with a tax on tobacco, thereby making people less inclined to use an extremely unhealthy product. So not only does it help create healthy kids, who will cost less down the road, but it makes general society even healthier. hahaha. that is funny. so the fact that i smoke, something i won't stop doing because i enjoy it immensely and adds to my quality of life, means i sho
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