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  1. New England at N.Y. Giants 8:15 pm Buffalo at Philadelphia 1:00 pm Carolina at Tampa Bay 1:00 pm Cincinnati at Miami 1:00 pm Dallas at Washington 1:00 pm Detroit at Green Bay 1:00 pm Jacksonville at Houston 1:00 pm New Orleans at Chicago 1:00 pm Pittsburgh at Baltimore 1:00 pm Seattle at Atlanta 1:00 pm San Francisco at Cleveland 1:00 pm Tennessee at Indianapolis 1:00 pm Minnesota at Denver 4:15 pm San Diego at Oakland 4:15 pm St. Louis at Arizona 4:15 pm Kansas City at N.Y. Jets 8:15 pm 7-9
  2. Pittsburgh at St. Louis 8:15 pm Dallas at Carolina 8:15 pm Cleveland at Cincinnati 1:00 pm Green Bay at Chicago 1:00 pm Houston at Indianapolis 1:00 pm Kansas City at Detroit 1:00 pm N.Y. Giants at Buffalo 1:00 pm Oakland at Jacksonville 1:00 pm Philadelphia at New Orleans 1:00 pm Atlanta at Arizona 4:05 pm Tampa Bay at San Francisco 4:05 pm Baltimore at Seattle 4:15 pm Miami at New England 4:15 pm N.Y. Jets at Tennessee 4:15 pm Washington at Minnesota 8:15 pm Denver at San Diego 8:00 pm 12-4
  3. 1 Point 12/20 | Poinsettia Bowl: Navy VS. Utah 12/21 | New Orleans Bowl: Florida Atlantic VS. Memphis 12/22 | PapaJohns.com Bowl: Southern Miss VS. Cincinnati 12/22 | New Mexico Bowl: Nevada VS. New Mexico 12/23 | Hawaii Bowl: Boise State VS. East Carolina 12/28 | Texas Bowl: TCU VS. Houston 1/6 | GMAC Bowl: Bowling Green VS. Tulsa 2 Points 12/22 | Las Vegas Bowl: UCLA VS. BYU 12/26 | Motor City Bowl: Purdue VS. Central Michigan 12/28 | Emerald Bowl: Maryland VS. Oregon State 12/29 | Liberty Bowl: UCF VS. Mississippi State 12/31 | Armed Forces Bowl: California VS. Air Force 12/31 | Humanitarian Bowl: Georgia Tech VS. Fresno State 1/5 | International Bowl: Rutgers VS. Ball State 5 Points 12/27 | Holiday Bowl: Arizona State VS. Texas 12/28 | Champs Sports Bowl: Boston College VS. Michigan State 12/29 | Meineke Car Care Bowl: Connecticut VS. Wake Forest 12/29 | Alamo Bowl: Penn State VS. Texas A&M 12/30 | Independence Bowl: Alabama VS. Colorado 12/31 | Insight Bowl: Indiana VS. Oklahoma State 10 Points 12/31 | Sun Bowl: South Florida VS. Oregon 12/31 | Music City Bowl: Kentucky VS. Florida State 12/31 | Chick-fil-a Bowl: Clemson VS. Auburn 1/1 | Outback Bowl: Wisconsin VS. Tennessee 1/1 | Gator Bowl: Texas Tech VS. Virginia 15 Points 1/1 | Cotton Bowl: Missouri VS. Arkansas 1/1 | Capital One Bowl: Michigan VS. Florida 1/1 | Rose Bowl: Illinois VS. USC 1/1 | Sugar Bowl: Hawaii VS Georgia 1/2 | Fiesta Bowl: West Virginia VS. Oklahoma 1/3 | Orange Bowl: Virginia Tech VS. Kansas 25 Points 1/7 | BCS National Championship Game: LSU VS. Ohio State
  4. Denver Cincinnati Arizona Tampa Bay Baltimore Cleveland Green Bay Jacksonville New England Seattle Tennessee Indianapolis San Diego Dallas N.Y. Giants Minnesota 9-7
  5. Chicago Jacksonville Dallas Buffalo N.Y. Giants Green Bay San Diego Cincinnati Tampa Bay Seattle Minnesota Cleveland Denver New England Indianapolis New Orleans 14-2
  6. This Week's Games: Pittsburgh @ West Virginia Arizona @ Arizona State Oregon State @ Oregon UCLA @ USC Washington @ Hawaii MAC Championship: Miami VS. Central Michigan Conference USA Championship: Tulsa VS. UCF SEC Championship: Tennessee VS. LSU ACC Championship: Boston College VS. Virginia Tech Game Of The Week: Big 12 Championship: Oklahoma VS. Missouri
  7. Connecticut @ West Virginia Alabama @ Auburn Oklahoma St. @ Oklahoma Virginia Tech @ Virginia Florida State @ Florida Clemson @ South Carolina Tennessee @ Kentucky Boise State @ Hawaii Georgia @ Georgia Tech Missouri VS. Kansas
  8. Green Bay at Detroit 12:30 pm N.Y. Jets at Dallas 4:15 pm Indianapolis at Atlanta 8:15 pm Buffalo at Jacksonville 1:00 pm Denver at Chicago 1:00 pm Houston at Cleveland 1:00 pm Minnesota at N.Y. Giants 1:00 pm New Orleans at Carolina 1:00 pm Oakland at Kansas City 1:00 pm Seattle at St. Louis 1:00 pm Tennessee at Cincinnati 1:00 pm Washington at Tampa Bay 1:00 pm San Francisco at Arizona 4:05 pm Baltimore at San Diego 4:15 pm Philadelphia at New England 8:15 pm Miami at Pittsburgh 8:30 pm 11-5
  9. Cincinnati Green Bay Cleveland Indianapolis Philadelphia New Orleans N.Y. Giants Oakland San Diego Tampa Bay Pittsburgh Seattle St. Louis Dallas New England Tennessee
  10. Tennessee Georgia Clemson West Virginia Oklahoma Wake Forest South Florida Purdue Penn State Ohio State
  11. Carolina Buffalo Pittsburgh Kansas City Tennessee Green Bay Washington New Orleans Cincinnati Chicago Dallas Detroit Indianapolis Seattle 7-7
  12. Ohio State Clemson Michigan Arkansas Cincinnati North Carolina State Virginia Tech Florida Southern Cal Auburn
  13. Tampa Bay Tennessee Buffalo Detroit Green Bay Jacksonville San Diego Atlanta Washington Cleveland Houston New England Dallas Pittsburgh
  14. Cleveland Detroit Indianapolis N.Y. Giants Tennessee Minnesota Pittsburgh Buffalo San Diego Tampa Bay New Orleans New England Green Bay 11-2
  15. West Virginia South Florida Florida South Carolina Arizona State Penn State Texas Clemson Kansas Oregon
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