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  1. ANY NEWS ON THIS? Im not seeing anything yet? I don't like any of the other names mentioned at all.
  2. This is the kinda guy I would love to see them trade for. However not at the cost of major talent. For god sakes we traded D Gordon and didn't get much top talent although we lucked out on a few of those pieces, I think we should be able to land him without touching our top prospects.
  3. Mike hill once traded this guy named Christian Yelich who is looking to have back to back MVP seasons.
  4. ahhh the game I buy every year and hardly ever get to play.
  5. Why extend him, he doesnt want to be here like Giancarlo, who was given a contract he couldnt refuse, JT is a good player today, And the best carcher in baseball, but he will be a First basemen by the time this team is ready to compete, trade him now while the iron is hot.
  6. Family members calling it out. To the Marlins he goes. [ATTACH]2199._xfImport[/ATTACH]
  7. He has been pretty good for a sample size.
  9. Honestly the guy was batting like .220. We aren't contending this year, Im glad we got something hopefully for the future.
  10. When exactly does Victor Victor Mesa become eligible to be signed?? Next offseason??
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