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  1. It would make more sense for Cena to challange Brock at Hell in a Cell or Survivor Series. He took such a beating, why would I tune in to see a rematch in such short notice? I wouldn't be shocked if they did Batista vs Lesnar at NOC. Its a new match and a pretty bid draw. HHH vs Reigns and Lesnar vs Batista is a pretty good card for a September ppv. The options are pretty limited for this next ppv. Daniel Bryan is also due a "rematch" isn't he? Maybe Bryan vs Cena vs Lesnar at some PPV? Do we know how many PPVs Lesnar is under contract for? He did 4 last year (Extreme Rules, Summerslam, Rumble and Mania), so I'm not sure how they are going to make it to Mania with just 1 or 2 defenses.
  2. Lesnar!!!! What a squash. Has Cena ever lost that badly (and clean)? I dont think he did more than 2 moves.
  3. I've recently started watching wrestling again and I'm currently going on a binge watching classic matches. Besides obvious 5 star matches like TLC 1-2, HBK vs Taker, Angle vs Benoit, etc. Anyone have any good matches they recommend checking out? Dx vs Big Show and the McMahons Hell in a Cell is entertaing. Cena vs JBL at Judgement day 2005 Hogan vs Rock at Wrestlemania 18 Punk vs Cena Money in the Bank 2011 Rock vs HHH backlash 2000 HHH vs Cactus Jack Royal Rumble 2000 I think
  4. Alberto Del Rio has been released. Good. I couldnt stand him.
  5. Lesnar v Cena should be really good. Hopefully, Lesnar beats him this time.
  6. Will Bryan be out for an extended period of time? Will they strip him if the title? I imagine they add some stipulation to Evolution vs Shield so its not the exact same match two PPV in a row. I just hope they do not do an elimination match.
  7. Any stipulation being added to the Shield vs Evolution match? I hope its not just a lame 3 on 3 match.
  8. I don't see any real reason as to why Kane would face Daniel Bryan for the title. IMO those two should be added to the final match with Shield and Evolution, buuut what can you do? Just a filler match. In theory, the card looks better with the title defended. However, I'd much rather have a 4 on 4 extreme rules or war games match.
  9. I'm good with 3 on 3 as long as it's an extreme rules match. That match would probably go on last I suspect.
  10. Is extreme rules going to be the long await return for War games? It sets up perfectly to have a four on four match. Even a four on four extreme rules match would be great. If they want to sell the network, they need to make all the PPVs interesting, not just the big ones.
  11. Just rewatched the Taker-Lesnar match. The match kind of sucked. The ending was great, but Taker didnt not match up with someone as big as Lesnar. It didnt help he got a concussion early on. It'll be interesting to see if they try and resign Lesnar, who's contract expires Wrestlemania 31. I'm pretty sure we'll get Lesnar vs Cesaro and vs Daniel Bryan soon.
  12. Just move your trip up 2 months and go to Dark Lord day.
  13. Any match with Cena in it is far from a 'dream' match. Cena vs Undertaker at Wrestlemania would be really awesome, so I disagree with you.
  14. Cena vs Wyatt was also added. So we have: Orton vs Batista vs Bryan (assuming he wins) HHH vs Bryan Lesnar vs Undertaker Cena vs Wyatt 30 Man Battle Royal That leaves room for a Divas Match, Cesaro vs Swagger (maybe for the IC belt), Tag Titles and something with the Shield?
  15. It would be great for him to win the title at mania. Then if they can't reach an agreement on a new contract, they can just have him drop the title to Bryan, Reigns or someone else in July.
  16. Rumors of CM Punk returning Monday night. Could set up Punk vs Batista vs Orton for the title, which is 100x better than Orton vs Batista.
  17. What was the point of the Cena fake injury? They barely even beat him?
  18. Did Cena really get hurt? If so, they should do Shield vs Wyatts in a TLC match or some gimmick match. Potential Card HHH vs Bryan Lesnar vs Undertaker Orton vs Batista (they need to change this) Wyatts vs Shield TLC
  19. Anyone order the WWE Network yet? Yes i did. I clicked on free trial to squeeze a week out of them. Pretty awesome
  20. So WWE.com has a list of dream wrestlemania XXX matches. Orton vs Bryan vs HHH for the title Cena vs Undertaker Lesnar vs Batista Roman Reigns vs Big E Money in the Bank Match Their "dream" matches are with guys on the active roster and appears to be 10x better than whats actually being rumored. Why dont they just do that card?
  21. He'll be back soon I'm sure. Hopefully they realize he's one of their biggest/best stars and start using him correctly.
  22. I did like how Lesnar came out during the Orton/Batista segment. If they really were planning Orton vs Batista at Mania, I dont think they would have needed to send out Lesnar. I wonder where they will go with this? The ending was strange. The good guys won via DQ when Cena was attacked. Then the Shield was pissed off at the Wyatts. Are they setting up a possible 3 on 3 match at the chamber?
  23. So...the Pittsburgh crowd was not a fan of Batista winning the Rumble. PPV sucked. Cena vs Orton for the 100x time? I'm glad the crowd shit on that match. Lesnar killing the Big Show was the only thing I liked. If Orton vs Batista is the main event at Mania, WWE has some real problems.
  24. Whats the best way to pair up these guys for Wrestlemania: Undertaker, Lesnar, HHH, Punk, Cena, Bryan, Batista, and Orton? Then there are rumblings that Sting might join the WWE or that HBK might do one more match. I guess having a lot of top guys is a good problem.
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