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  1. JT Realmuto: Franchise Player?

    And Yelich. Everyone else is gone.
  2. Rule 5 Draft

    Exactly. We are stocking up the boat to see what surprises come out as the season plays on.
  3. Rule 5 Draft

    Or be offered back to their original clubs for 50k.
  4. Rule 5 Draft

  5. Rule 5 Draft

    We didnt pass not once. I think this is the record either way. The minor league phase is free players anyway. We can do with them whatever we like. We dont need to keep them in their current status if we dont want to. A triple A player can be moved to single A for example.
  6. Rule 5 Draft

    Only 1 got selected before our pick. The other got picked after our pick..
  7. Rule 5 Draft

    Miami select BJ
  8. Rule 5 Draft

    Elicer Hernandez and Brett Graves thus far picked. Kinley lost. Any info guys?
  9. Rule 5 Draft

    We got brett graves too
  10. Rule 5 Draft

    We losr Kinley
  11. Rule 5 Draft

    We took elizer
  12. Rule 5 Draft

    Should of took them in the trade.
  13. Rule 5 Draft

    Draft is in 5 minutes. Who are we selecting???
  14. If im not mistaken they did get 11 mil back from Yanks to offset his contract. Dont they lose that if they trade him?? Maybe they are keeping him...