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  1. Randy Messenger. Big strike out guy could never figure things out. Another was Ramon Castro. Was suppose to be one of the games best catchers, helped us in 2003, but never did anything after.
  2. Maybin signed

    Great! Can we now trade for Andrew Miller and package him and Maybin to Detroit for Miguel Cabrera?
  3. Was Derek Jeter almost a Marlin in 1994?

    We would of never drafted the great Josh Booty
  4. Billy the Marlin performer fired

    He made too much for Jeter. Makes sense.
  5. Eric Campbell signed

  6. All 4 Fired Front Office Execs Land with New Teams

    What HE said!! Who doesnt want to free employees??
  7. Realmuto Trade Rumors

    Because based on our plan, we should be in contention within 3 years. By that time in which JT would proudly sign an extension than or anytime in between like Yelich did at one point with us. Catcher is not an easy position to fill, and our history at that position has proven that. FYI: just to let your guys know how strong I feel about this, only way I trade a player like JT is if a team is willing to blow up their farm to get him.
  8. Realmuto Trade Rumors

    How about we just keep JT, ok?
  9. Im sort of upset we didnt get Mario Feliciano from the brewers now that we know JT is next. Feliciano is going to be a special player, not because i know him and his family in PR personally, but because the kid has always over achieved, and is hard working and determined. One heck of a catching prospect.
  10. FanFest 2018

    You were there to “DO” some fans?
  11. Your Favorite sleeper/none top 10 Marlins prospect

    My pick! : James Nelson 13th overall prospect. 3rd base. Great hitter! Defense needs work, but to me has one of the best bats in our system. Im hoping he hits the majors this year. Any one agree with me?
  12. Pick your favorite none top ten Marlins prospect you like and why. This should be interesting...
  13. Rockies have 25th year patch, where's ours?

    Haha thats clever!