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  1. Now all we got to do is wait for Maybin to get the call and our offense should be set. Great trade by the Marlins. Johnson/Hanley/Cantu batiing 2-3-4.. very nice middle of the lineup.
  2. It's obvious our offense needs some help. Getting Nick Johnson to bat #2 ahead of Hanley would have been the equivalent of getting Odom to play alongside Wade. Johnson, Hanley, Cantu, Ross... Maybin. You have that lineup with our starting rotation and incredible bullpen deepth and we're a playoff team.
  3. There's too many rumors out there right now about us trying to go after this player or that player to believe this. Halladay, Gomes, Johnson, Bell.. possibly Adrian Gonzalez have all been mentioned. I just think he's trying not to tip the Marlins hand. A move will be made.. just a gut feeling.
  4. I would love for us to get Bell and then go get Adam Kennedy from Oakland to play third. I think those moves along with the possibility of Maybin coming up at some point this season and contributing would guarantee us the wild card.
  5. Very frustrating way to lose a game. Ayala had a tough task and almost got it done. I feel good about our chances tommorow with Volstad on the mound.
  6. I want Gonzalez to win just because he use to be in our system.
  7. He was never a Marlin but whenever I see threads like this I think of Sean Burroughs. I remember in the late 90's/early 00's hearing how Sean Burroughs of the Padres was such a "super prospect" who had a bright future in MLB and would be a a star. Boy did that turn out to be true..
  8. I agree. This is another good signing. The FO is taking it's shots with Ayala and Donnelly. They are standing pat. This is smart to see where we stand come the trade deadline. If we are in it then, I see a pretty major trade occuring. We need more consistency from our starting pitching though. JJ is starting to "try" to hard at his last two starts and needs to settle down a little. If Ricky and JJ are "normal" with Volstad giving some ounce of consistency, they will make a fairly major trade. We know that we'd have a great one two punch for the playoffs. SP is not the problem. We need a bat. Is there a third baseman that could be available? I don't really see any decent ones on teams out of the race. Ryan Zimmerman We can dream.
  9. Hedo Turkoglu is not going to Portland. Sounds like he is going to Toronto. Hopefully they make the playoffs and get bounced in the first round so the Heat can get their pick. Next year's draft is suppose to be stacked.
  10. The Miami Herald reports the Heat have interest in signing Allen Iverson. According to the newspaper, discussions with agent Leon Rose are believed to be in the initial stages and the Heat's offer would be for less than the full mid-level amount. A source told the Palm Beach Post that the Heat is probably far down on Iverson's list of preferred teams. ESPN You have to believe that if Riley really wants Iverson, he and Wade would be able to talk him into coming to Miami.
  11. Rotoworld seems to think the Lakers will sign Artest AND keep Odom. If they do, you might as well hand them the trophy now for next season.
  12. The Heat have contacted free agents Ron Artest and Allen Iverson in hopes of getting one of them on board. The Heat probably wouldn't make either player an offer of more than one year, but could also explore sign-and-trade possibilities. per Rotoworld Wow! I would love either one but that would be amazing if they could talk Artest into coming here. Chalmers, Wade, Artest, Haslem, O'Neal and Beasley as 6th man :drool
  13. The Panthers resigned David Booth 6 years/25.5 million and also signed goalie Scott Clemmensen who had a breakout year with the Devils last year. :thumbup
  14. I'm hoping Riley signs Zaza Pachulia for the MLE. He's a quality backup.
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