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  1. He already did (assuming he didn't die before the 1st).
  2. Obsessive fan of anything that starts with Star or Lord.
  3. R.I.P. So many legends have left us already this year.
  4. You removed the Locker Room forum on the day of yenta's birthday? She won the "Best Locker Room Poster" at the awards more than once. Nice timing, Admin. :|
  5. If you aren't aware yet, two films about el Che are going to be released later this year. Both films will star Benicio del Toro as Che Guevara. Their titles are, "The Argentine" and "Guerilla." I don't know yet if this will have a positive or negative effect on the growing affection for this terrorist. I'm thinking it will be neither, but Che fanboys will perhaps turn these movies into some kind of anthem. Although I strongly doubt that will be Steven Soderbergh's intention.
  6. BEST FILM ? DRAMA There Will Be Blood BEST COMEDY FILM Superbad BEST SCREENPLAY No Country For Old Men BEST ORIGINAL SCORE There Will Be Blood BEST ACTOR ?DRAMA Daniel Day-Lewis ? There Will Be Blood BEST ACTOR ? COMEDY/MUSICAL Seth Rogen ? Knocked Up BEST ACTRESS ? DRAMA Kiera Knightley ? Atonement BEST ACTRESS ? COMEDY/MUSICAL Ellen Page - Juno BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR Phillip Seymour Hoffman ? Charlie Wilson's War BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS Cate Blanchett ? I'm Not There BEST DIRECTOR Joel and Ethan Coen BEST MOVIE POSTER FOR A 2007 RELEASE Tie Spider-Man 3 & Knocked Up BEST SUMMER BLOCKBUSTER FILM (>$100M) The Bourne Ultimatun BEST CHARACTER Gus Akvaratos BEST ANIMATED FILM Ratatouille BEST HORROR FILM Grindhouse BEST LINE OF THE YEAR "This is Sparta!" - 300 WORST FILM I Am Legend and Waitress
  7. We had a tie in the Best Film category and we're going to vote for the winner between the two right here. You have until Saturday night. Your choices: No Country For Old Men There Will Be Blood
  8. Anyone have a top 10 yet? I'll post mine up soon.
  9. EndLine

    Early Voting

    Edwards was probably the least bi-partisan candidate of the entire lot. It was absolutely scary how far left he was. That and he was just way too angry all the time.
  10. 25 hours remaining until the votes officially close. Please get your nominations is ASAP!
  11. Yes, and he wasn't even gay... I believe they hate "f**-enablers" even more.
  12. how often to horrible moves get a second film? I am sure in the economic scheme there is definitely a way for this to work or else the studio wouldn't invest into a second movie. This would be the 22nd in the James Bond series. It's the most profitable franchies ever (adjusted for inflation). Casino Royale received lots of acclaim. To answer your question, horrible movies often do get sequels if their predecessor was profitable enough. Casino Royale was actually pretty freaking great and definitely revitalized the series.
  13. Bond 22 officially has a title and this is it.
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